Finance Options for Modular Buildings

In order to help with budgets and overheads, we have teamed up with Portman Asset Finance who are able to offer our clients competitive finance options for modular buildings and mobile classrooms. This allows you to pay for your modular space over a period of time, as an overhead rather than as a large capital sum up front.

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So whether your modular building is an outdoor classroom, extra meeting room, or healthcare suite – you can manage your budget effectively and get the space you need.

The Green Modular team are used to working with a variety of organisations and budgets to help put together the financial business case with them. By using our expertise and knowledge, you can speed up the process of your extra modular space and start to benefit rapidly.

Want to see a real example?

In order to show you a real example of how the finance package works, we are using an outdoor classroom:

Assuming you need a large new school building to accommodate 30 students, the £80,000 cost may prove to be a “non-starter”. However, if you consider spreading the cost of your modular school building over a 3 year repayment period, the monthly cost would be £2524 (exc VAT) at an APR of 4.5%. Repay over a longer 7 year period would nearly halve the monthly cost to £1277.60 at a slightly higher 4.8% APR.

Compare this with a comparable size, though much less attractive and versatile space, of a rented “mobile” classroom. This is likely to cost between £1.5k and £2k per month plus £6k delivery, £8k foundations and £6.5k to remove. Instead, you can OWN your mobile classroom in a shorter timescale and benefit from a considerably more inspirational learning environment to boot!

Finance options for modular buildings

Portman Asset finance is a straight forward process and typically takes only 48 hours to process*. It is tax effective and allows you to spread the cost of your outdoor modular commercial or school building project over a few years. You then get a desirable asset that your school, community or business will enjoy for 40+ years. It will probably also mean you can afford a higher specification finish or larger size – freeing up your capital for other projects and developments elsewhere.

* Please note, it is feasible for any commercial businesses to consider finance, however, please note that as with all credit facilities, it is subject to credit status. In our experience, finance options for modular buildings will also vary according to its purpose.

Need help with funding?

In addition to our finance options, there are also a number of other funding options available.

Grant4Schools was launched in 2006 to help schools access a variety of grant schemes available. Their aim is to provide a one stop funding information services for schools.

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is an annual bidding round for eligible academies and sixth-form colleges to apply for capital funding. Priority projects include funding around health and safety issues, building compliance and poor building condition. The CIF also supports a small proportion of expansion projects for Ofsted-rated good or outstanding academies and sixth-form colleges that need to expand their existing facilities and/or floor space.

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