Common questions

How do i get my design completed and what will it cost?


In the first instance, one of our design team will chat with you over the phone to listen and understand how you hope to use your building, where it will be located and any restrictions on site access and services. We will then send preliminary designs by email, usually comprising a recommended floor plan for your comment before we produce 3D massing images so you can visualise the finished form of the building. Depending on the complexity of your project will determine when our designer makes a first visit to meet you on site. Up to this stage, there is no cost charged for our preliminary design work.

If you then decide to proceed with developing your project further, our designer will then issue a head line quotation with summary specifications and guide you on the further information which may assist you in the purchase process. We can work either direct with the client or your appointed professional representative to help develop the detail of your requirements (a detailed Performance Specification) to enable you to compare our offering as part of any competitive tender process.

As a guide price only, a fully-equipped, safety-compliant structural design will typically result in a cost of between £2000 & £3000 per square metre for a finished building. As we pre-fabricate the entire structure off-site to minimise time on site, we always require a deposit payment up front (typically 25%) which is insurance-protected, with subsequent stage payments thereafter as the build programme progresses.

Upon award of contract, we’ll draw up a fair contract document (we prefer the JCT Design and Build Contract 2016) so it’s clear what the terms of the contract are and how the contract will be operated. Our surveyor will then meet with you to review the project in detail and issue a report on how the project will be managed and scheduled, including regular site review meetings from site preparation, build, fit-out and through to completion.

What do i get when i buy a modular building?


The price includes a full turn-key installation service. Each modular building for schools or commercial use will be fully decorated & finished, with internal electrical installation, ready for you to move in your furniture.

It also includes full preparation of suitable foundations (subject to site survey) however, it does not include any additional site preparation or clearance, though we can quote for these works if required.

Each customer receives an individual fixed-price quotation, however we have provided example prices and sizes on our website to give you an indication of the baseline cost. Your detailed quotation will specify any assumptions made in our pricing and any potential variations which may require our specification, and price, to change.

The website examples assume that our buildings are installed using our standard SIPS (structural insulated panels) with a minimum 1 metre gap to the boundaries.

Our designs are not limited by these factors but for all customers, we will work with you to design a bespoke modular school building that best fits your needs and issue a 3D model, plans and fixed price quotation.

We do require an existing power supply to be available from the main building and we can quote for this separately.

However, we are happy for you to sub-contract your own electrician to connect the supply in your new modular building – this is more often the case with our commercial clients who wish to retain continuity of service by using their existing electricians.

We will project manage your contractors for any alarm, telephony, data, access control or CCTV installations to ensure their works are integrated with our build programme.

All delivery costs are included within your quotation. The final price you pay will include any optional extras chosen but these will be detailed on your quotation, and there are no hidden costs.

What does your warranty include?


We design and build Green Modular buildings to last so that they will provide a long term solution to your organisations’ needs. We are determined that all our customers should have total confidence in the durability of their investment.

By working with selected suppliers, we obtain the finest materials and products and many provide extended warranties e.g. the roof on our mono-pitch outdoor buildings come with a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee plus an expected 50 year life cycle.

We also use an EcoSlate roofing system on our Lodge range (dual pitch roof) which carries a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty. These are just a few of the protections offered to help you take care of your modular school building or portable building for your business.

Rest assured quality is of the highest priority to us, we never compromise on materials and our building standards are exacting. To ensure your peace of mind, everything we do is safeguarded by a 10 year insurance backed warranty.

In addition to this, your modular classroom or modular office purchase includes free of charge ‘deposit indemnity insurance’, which means you can be confident your money is well protected and secure through a separate insurance policy.

We are passionate about providing fairly priced durable modular buildings that will stand the test of time. In fact, if properly maintained, your new Green Modular outdoor building will last as long as any bricks and mortar property.

Please take a look at more information about our insurance-backed warranty and put us to the test!

Can a modular building be used for any educational or commercial purpose?


Yes. You can use a modular building in exactly the same way you would a bricks and mortar building. We haven’t yet come across a business or organisation that couldn’t benefit from a modular building. They can be used for any purpose, with some of most popular being:

Educational: Modular school buildings, outdoor classrooms (small to full-size), small group rooms, family worker rooms, dining rooms, staff rooms, meeting rooms and teacher planning and preparation (PPA) rooms.

Commercial: Corporate offices, headquarters, gatehouses and counselling rooms, music studios or marketing suites.

Whether you require a larger learning environment, privacy and security or a front office designed to impress clients, our modular buildings with their flexible design and quality standard features, will provide you with the comfort and building standards you’d expect from any indoor space.

You can also upgrade many of the features to fit any educational or commercial specification or to provide you with a stunning backdrop to help you develop your brand.

Are the buildings weatherproofed and energy efficient?


All our modular buildings solutions for schools and businesses are built to the highest standards using a structurally Insulated Panel System (SIPS) and industry-leading glazing which meet all building regulation standards.

This means they are weather tight and retain heat in the winter yet also prevent heat from entering in the summer. So everything is well protected in a Green Modular building all year round.

If you wished to exceed current building regulations you can benefit from a wide range of options to increase thermal performance which exceed even the most stringent Energy Saving Trust standards for better building.

For further information about our “fabric first” (better building standards) philosophy, please contact our modular designers here.

How well built and secure are modular buildings?


The design and build of your modular building will be as tough and sturdy as any comparable bricks and mortar building. It will last just as long and is subject to the same rigorous testing of any quality building project.

A buildings’ lifespan depends on different factors, the quality of material used, the climate, maintenance and construction with water being its biggest enemy.

So we’ve adopted a “fabric first” (better building standards) approach to air tightness, with the emphasis on air permeability which means better building standards overall.

The structural design of the building is calculated by our structural engineers with foundation design, typically using 1.5-2m long screw piles, based upon soil samples taken to ensure the foundations anchor the building securely and can withstand the loading imposed by the structure.

Finally, our interior is lined with a sustainable alternative to plasterboard which is extremely durable. It truly can take a punch and we’ve put it to the test. This high impact resistant material shows little effect even from a hammer, unlike plasterboard. Yet, from a single screw fixing you can hang up to 50kg allowing you to easily hang heavy shelving, TV screens, cupboards, coat racks or just your qualifications and certificates, ideal for both a modular school classroom and outdoor office.

We also fully comply with British insurance standards so:

  • all our doors have espagnolette multi-point locking systems
  • all accessible windows have key-operated locks

If you combine all this with the standard 7” to 10”depth of our modular walls you have a new school building that starts life with the main structure as tight and secure as a drum.

We do also recommend the integration of your main buildings’ home alarm system or having a new security system fully installed.

We are to happy offer more advice and/or a consultation if required.

Can a modular building be moved or re-located?


Absolutely! As long as we’re aware at the outset of the building design process, we can design your building as a sectional building, enabling full off-site construction and the ability to remove and re-locate the building. This is not always possible or cost-effective in every location so your building designer will survey your site and advise on the options.

If you have any more questions give us a call on 0800 334 5570.

What if there is limited access to the grounds or width restrictions?


What if there is limited access to the grounds or width restrictions?

Our modular panels are built in our factories and then transported as flat packs to the site. The SIPS panel construction makes building a modular classroom very quick!

In most cases they can be carried through any building then re-assembled and installed directly at the building site.

Our design consultants are happy to give you more advice for free and you’ll find contact details here.

Who will install my modular building?


Our team of fully trained, customer-focused professionals have hundreds of buildings installations and years of experience.

During modular construction, our in-house skilled craftsmen build your bespoke design and then help to deliver and install it

A typical modular classroom project, comprising a full size single classroom with toilet facilities usually takes around 8 weeks to complete, including foundations, utilities and full fit-out and decoration.

We work hard to ensure there is minimal disruption to you and your organisations’ daily activities.

Once we know you’re happy, you’re free to move straight into your new modular building.

How can i get funding for our new classroom?


If you do not have the financial resources readily available there are still a number of ways that you can fund your new classroom. Of course you can fundraise via your school or PTA but you may find that it will take too long to achieve the level of funding that you need. In this case you could consider applying for a grant.

You may find that your classroom project is eligible for funding from a number of sources. All grant requests are treated individually so before you apply it can be worthwhile making sure that you meet the eligibility criteria and that the grant will be able to provide you with the exact monies that are needed. You should also take the time to make sure that your local community are on board with your project, and look at the ways that your new classroom can help not only your school but also local clubs and associations.

These are two useful websites to visit if you are interested in finding out more about grants to finance your new classroom:



Green Modular are also able to provide finance options to schools. For more information on what we can offer please visit our Finance Options page.

How long do the buildings last?


At Green Modular we are confident that our buildings are as durable as any comparable buildings made of standard bricks and mortar.

Our modular buildings are designed to be sustainable and long lasting. Our popular cedar cladding has a maintenance free life of up to 60 years and our windows are made from a robust powder coated aluminum which is designed not to rot or warp.

What finance options are available?


We have a range of packages to help you finance your new modular building. This means that you will be able to budget for your build more effectively, and it also means that you will not have to compromise on the space your building provides or incur the additional costs of having to hire a temporary classroom whilst you wait to finance your building.

To offer you these finance options we have teamed up with experienced providers Portman Asset Finance so that we can supply you with competitive finance options that will help to make your dreams of a new classroom or modular building a reality.

Take a look at our finance options for schools for further details about how our finance packages can help you.

Do i need an architect?


One of the benefits to choosing a modular building is that you do not need to incur the expense or hassle of employing an architect to design the building for you.

At Green Modular we provide you with our own experienced and efficient bespoke design service which means that you can be fully involved in the modular classroom specification and design. We will work with you to make sure that your modular space meets all of your needs and incorporate any design or style features that you wish to include.

How long does it take to construct the building?


We know that often when schools or companies need extra space they need it right now! That’s why Green Modular work to extremely fast turnaround times to complete our modular buildings as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whilst timescales always depend on the size and complexity of your requirements, we’re well used to managing school projects to be fully completed during the summer holidays though we always recommend projects being delivered during term time … our experience of managing hundreds of similar projects over the years means we’re well practiced at managing sites during term time, using half term and Easter holidays and always ensuring a secure, well safe-guarded site. In school sites, the learning value for your children to see the project happening is incredibly valuable.

And yet some sites don’t allow term time building works, so we can design an off-site manufactured, sectional building to minimise the time on site … just speak to your building designer.

What is a modular building?


Modular buildings are created with pre-fabricated components instead of traditional bricks and mortar. They arrive at your location either as flat-packed panels for on-site erection or as a fully complete, sectional building.

Modular buildings have so many benefits that it’s no surprise that we are seeing them become increasingly popular. Our buildings are made using the highest quality eco-friendly materials and they can be built with minimal fuss, mess or disruption.

Modular buildings are also tough, durable and long lasting. They are secure and well insulated and provide the ideal option for many schools and companies who need more space.

How eco-friendly are the buildings?


Our modular buildings and eco classrooms are all made using only the highest quality eco-friendly building materials.

We are passionate about sustainability in building and with recycled aluminum door frames, A rated windows and doors, LED lighting and the latest Structural Insulated Panel Systems you can be assured that our buildings all work in harmony with the environment.

We also ensure that all of our timber is sourced from FSC certified suppliers, and our roof cladding material is made of recycled content too.

Our aim is for our buildings to have the minimum impact on the environment and provide the maximum positive impact on our customer’s daily lives!


What type of maintenance will the external cladding, windows and doors require?


We mainly use western red cedar cladding for a modular school building or outdoor commercial space. It doesn’t require any chemical treatment so minimal maintenance is needed. We also offer other external finishes such and organic coloured render and rain-screen panel cladding, though natural Cedar cladding is the most popular

Cedar has an expected maintenance free life of up to 60 years and will gradually fade to a natural silvery-grey patina. We don’t recommend adding any colour finish which would detract from the natural attractive aging process and would also require maintenance every few years.

Our windows and doors are designed to be as maintenance free as possible using powder coated aluminium, a naturally robust material that repels dirt and doesn’t rot or warp. So essentially, apart from normal wiping down with a damp cloth the windows and doors of your modular building will be maintenance free.

See our recommended maintenance programme for further information on how to protect the longevity of your modular classroom or office.

How will the internal walls be finished?


The interior of each Green Modular building comes fully plastered and decorated with matt white paint for a clean and minimal finish.

Our sustainable alternative to plasterboard comes with a full skim finish so you receive a flawless, durable finish that is easy to maintain and has far superior acoustic qualities than standard plasterboard.

See some examples of internal wall finishes used in our modular school buildings.

Planning permission and regulations

Do we need planning permission?


Do we need planning permission?

For our commercial builds, although the rules will differ for England, Scotland or Wales, it is fair to say the vast majority of projects do require planning approval. However, there are circumstances where schools (education establishments) do have reasonably generous permitted development rights which equate to an “allowance” of up to 100 sq m (floor area) of out-buildings. Speak to your building designer for more information.

At Green Modular we provide a turnkey service so we can submit and manage your planning applications, with an emphasis on flexible design that balances your modular building needs throughout the installation process.

We can also provide a service that designs your bespoke modular building as a fully re-locatable steel sub-structure or crane lift-able building giving you the utmost in flexibility. The portable classroom or commercial space can then be re-positioned to suit your future business needs.

We offer a full planning application service if required and are very experienced in all areas related to outdoor building design and build with most approvals gained within 8-10 weeks.

For more information contact us here to speak to a Studio Designer about our comprehensive planning application service.

Are there any special considerations regarding building regulations?


Building regulations are different to planning permission…planning permission is about WHAT can be constructed whereas building regulations are concerned with HOW the structure is designed and built.

Most modular buildings up to 30m2 floor area are exempt from the majority of building regulations as long as they are not used for sleeping accommodation. Some companies which sell lesser structures as commercial outdoor buildings (log cabins, insulated summerhouses etc.) state they “meet building regulations”, when in reality, these buildings don’t have to comply with building regulations.

At Green Modular, we believe each modular school building and outdoor commercial structure should be designed and built to the same quality as standard bricks and mortar buildings. So we use substantial, non-invasive foundations, high specification structures and joinery, all underwritten by a 10 year insurance-backed structural warranty.

Those building regulations which still apply to our outdoor buildings are:

Part P covers the safety of electrical installations and as such, we obtain the appropriate installation certification on your behalf.

To satisfy fire safety requirements, modular buildings for schools and businesses between 15m2 and 30m2 floor area need to be installed with a minimum 1m gap between the building and your boundary. Alternatively we can build your building as close as physically possible to the boundary by adding extra fireproofing layers to the structure – your modular building designer will advise on this aspect and additional charges are payable, but allow you to maximise the usage of the grounds around your premises.

All projects above 30m2 will require full building regulations approval. The initial part of the project will require bespoke structural engineering calculations to suit your project before the final price can be confirmed. Thereafter, we will manage building regulations compliance and certification as part of our standard service.