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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Modular Building Materials

The materials used to create our modular buildings are both sustainable and energy efficient. From windows to walls, we’re proud of our eco-friendly credentials.

At Green Modular, sustainability is a priority. The clue is in the name – we specialise in modular construction, building eco-friendly school buildings and outdoor commercial rooms, while keeping the environmental impact to a minimum. Every building we construct is made with sustainable and energy efficient building materials.

Green solutions
Wherever we can, we opt for green solutions in our eco classrooms. From recycled materials to high quality insulation, we pride ourselves on providing environmentally friendly buildings that are cost-effective to run.

Our modular building materials include:

  • sustainably sourced timber
  • well insulated windows and doors
  • strong internal walls made from recycled material
  • an eco-friendly Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) that offers excellent thermal performance to ensure warmth throughout the year

Windows and doors
Full-sized modular classroom
Windows and doors are a hugely important component of any modular build, providing vital security and insulation. In fact, windows and doors are so important to us that we manufacture them ourselves rather than buying them in from outside. Our high quality windows and doors possess some great eco-credentials:

  • A-rated for energy efficiency.  Windows and doors are given ratings from A to G, depending on how energy efficient they are. We are one of the only modular building companies to offer A-rated doors as well as windows.
  • Recycled materials. We use recycled aluminium in the construction of our window and door frames, and recycle all off-cuts and manufacturing waste left over from production.

Walls and roofs
Walls and roofs need to be well made to ensure a well-insulated environment. And it’s here that our building materials really make a difference:

  • Internal structure of modular buildingStructural Insulated Panel System (SIPS).  We use SIPS to guarantee an environmentally friendly building material that reduces energy costs and keeps your modular, prefabricated building well insulated (meeting the latest dwelling house building standards).
  • FSC certified. All of the timber we use is FSC certified – which means that the Forest Stewardship Council has guaranteed it comes from well managed forests that meet important environmental and social standards.
  • Durable internal walls. Instead of plasterboard, the material we use for our internal walls is made from 100% recycled materials. Highly durable, well insulated and fire-proof, it is a modular building material that can support up to 50kg with a single screw fixing – a very practical option for school and commercial buildings.
  • Recycled roofs. Our roof cladding is also made from recycled building materials.

As well as sustainable building materials, we offer energy efficient lighting as standard:

  • LED lighting. All of our modular buildings use 4.5W LED lamps. This is because LED lighting is an impressively efficient option, reducing energy consumption by up to 91.43% in comparison with equivalent halogen lamps.

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