Modular School Buildings

Modular classrooms from Green Modular are robust, highly insulated and 100% sustainable to provide you with the highest quality and environmentally friendly school building solution possible. The mobile classroom projects below offer you some guideline prices and represent just a fraction of the full range of our modular school buildings. Read our Guide to Modular Classroom Buildings for helpful advice and our blog on Choosing a Mobile Classroom. For a personalised quotation call us today!

Need more space for education? We have the perfect solution!

Our surveyor designs every modular classroom to meet the individual needs of your school, so we never build the same classroom twice. All of our modular school buildings are custom-made, therefore the prices below are just to give you an example of cost (excluding VAT). Costs typically range from £40 - £500k depending on the size, specification, site access and availability of services, with buildings ranging in cost from £150 to £300 per square metre. For a free no obligation quote, just contact a member of the team!

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Sawley junior 390x190

Double classroom block with shared lobby and WCs

Example price: £343,500

Full-size outdoor classroom building that can be opened up to the outside space with two sets of folding & sliding doors.

Width 16.35m
Depth Depth 15.04m
Internal height 2.6m

floor pan image

Courtyard modular classroom for 30 pupils

Example price: £132,000

Featuring low maintenance pre-coloured render to the external walls, folding and sliding doors and large roof windows.

Width 10.36m
Depth 6.38m
Internal Height 2.6m

floor pan image

Small classroom nursery expansion

Example price: £63,000

A typical small school modular building, designed with a bespoke layout, electric (push-button) sliding doors and slip-resistant vinyl flooring.

Width 5.94m
Depth 5.5m
Internal Height 2.1m

floor pan image

Music performance pavilion

Example price: £128,000

Full size KS2 classroom for 30 children with large storeroom, bespoke cladding and 7m wide folding & sliding doors to enable use as a performance stage.

Width 9.72m
Depth 8.92m
Internal Height 3m

floor pan image

Group room & PE offices and stores

Example price: £190,000

Bespoke design with large overhanging (sun canopy) roof, extensive glass and stainless steel balustrading and multiple rooms.

Width 9.35m
Depth 8.63m
Internal Height 2.4m

floor pan image

Full size KS1 classroom

Example price: £150,480

With step-free access, wheelchair-accessible WC, store / intervention room and kitchen.

Width 11.38m
Depth 6.64m
Internal Height 2.4m

We are so looking forward to this new building enhancing the girls Outdoor Learning

Naomi Bartholomew, Headmistress of St Catherine’s Prep School

Green Modular understood what this project would mean to the community. The workforce were very professional and responded quickly to all requests. I would definitely recommend Green Modular for any enterprise where children’s welfare is paramount.

Mauranne Newby, Premises Manager - Fawood Children's Centre

Standard Specification

The flexible design of our modular school buildings means that we are able to meet the unique demands of every school environment. The following robust features are included within every building as standard.

Standard specifications



Fabricated off-site in our Bedfordshire factory, our outdoor schools buildings are constructed using ‘Structural Insulated Panels’. The SIP construction maximises internal space within the building, without compromising on insulation or structural integrity. The off-site construction allows a rapid site build process to minimise any disruption within the Education environment.

Fawood Stills 7 specification 10


We understand that in your busy school environment the glazing needs to be built to last and maintenance free. That’s why we offer you robust, hard wearing powder coated aluminium frames as standard. All doors and windows feature compliant wheelchair access, anti-finger trap hinges, laminated safety glass and window opening restrictors as standard.

Sawley junior 390x190


Our modular school buildings come fully finished, including all external cladding, flooring, internal plastering & decorating, electrics and full fit-out (where required) for WCs and kitchens. We construct for full compliance with Education Funding Agency Building Bulletins for room size, acoustics, ventilation and lighting.


Foundations Included

We use two different foundation systems, each of which does not require poured concrete or invasive mechanical excavation. Our foundation systems are well suited to challenging locations, especially where Tree Preservation Orders would otherwise restrict building works. Final foundation design is completed by our Structural Engineers, to suit your ground conditions and building design.



Like all the other parts of our modular buildings for schools, the roof is built to last. For our contemporary mono-pitch roof designs, we use a Firestone EPDM flat roofing system which comes with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty and 50 year life expectancy. On pitched roofs, we offer a range of roofing finishes including EcoSlates, Cedar shingles, recycled Welsh slate tiles and indeed any kind of roof tile or slate in keeping with your local vernacular.

Western Red Cedar390x190


Stylish, robust and sustainable, Western Red Cedar is the ideal choice for cladding our outdoor mobile classrooms. This natural resource is practically maintenance free, so there is no need for any chemical preservatives to help create a simply beautiful exterior. Our timber only comes from sustainably managed forests and other equally durable wooden cladding materials are available.

Additional features

Alternative cladding

Alternative cladding

As well as our standard Western Red Cedar timber cladding, we also offer an alternative, equally durable, lower-cost Siberian Larch. Other materials can also be used to give your building a distinctive look, including standing-seam style sheet metal cladding (above) and self-coloured (no paint required) flexible cement render.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and Bathrooms

For a completely self-contained modular classroom, we can install toilets, kitchens and bathrooms. These can either be connected to your mains systems, or can be "off-grid" utilising self-composting toilets and sinks with a self-contained, low use water supply


Green "Living" Roof

Being Green Modular, we of course offer green Sedum roofs as an optional upgrade! Designed to be low maintenance and drought resistant, opting for a living roof will give your mobile classroom a spectacular finish.

Sliding Folding Doors

Sliding Doors

Why not bring the outdoors into your classroom with a set of sliding folding doors to enhance learning? Fabricated from robust aluminium, the doors come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and can be used as a single "traffic" door when not opened fully.

Customised Electrical Systems 1

Customised Electrical Systems

We can integrate phone systems and network cables into our SIP panel design hiding them from view, so the walls of your modular education building are seamless and child proof. We can also install air conditioning; external lighting and even a remote smartphone controlled system that lets you switch your mobile classroom on with a swipe of your finger!



Many clients choose to increase the usable space of their outdoor classroom by adding an additional decking area to the school building. Our decking systems use recycled hardwood composites to provide a durable, non-slip surface that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Not only can we use our modular building as an additional outside classroom, it’s a great area to have meetings with the teachers, and parents. We are all delighted with our new space.

Mrs Kathy Kershaw, Cert. Ed. Headteacher - Rowan Preparatory School, Surrey