Green Credentials

Are the Eco classrooms built to last?

Here at Green Modular, we create durable eco buildings that will last. Our eco classrooms are sustainable modular buildings constructed from high quality, environmentally friendly materials. So if you’re looking for a sustainable classroom solution that will serve both current and future generations, a green modular building could be the answer.

Sustainable Eco classrooms

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do – meaning that we protect the environment while creating high-quality buildings designed to last decades. Throughout the modular construction process we take every opportunity to protect the environment, by minimising the need for transportation, using recycled materials wherever possible, and utilising the best, eco-friendly building materials to construct our modular classrooms.

Recycled materials

Recycling helps to reduce waste and ensure that everything is used to its full potential. At Green Modular some of our recycled components include:

  • Roof cladding – this is always made from recycled material.
  • Internal walls – our alternative to plasterboard is made from 100% recycled material.
  • Aluminium – we use recycled aluminium in our window and door frames, which are made internally rather than bought in.

As well as utilising recycled materials for building, we also take responsibility by recycling our own surplus off-cuts and manufacturing waste.


It’s important to us that an eco modular building is built from sustainable materials, sourced from suppliers that prioritise the environment. At Green Modular we guarantee:

Energy efficiency

A Green Modular building is an energy efficient building. We make durable buildings that are air-tight and well insulated, so they will cost you less to heat.

  • Air tight structures – Proven to be air-tight, our buildings let in less air from the outside, making them warmer and less costly to heat.
  • Our plasterboard alternative – Rather than plasterboard, we use a special material for our internal walls that provides superior insulation and improved fire-proofing, as well as being highly durable.


Our company ethos is all about quality. We strive to source the best materials we can for our eco classrooms so that they will serve you for generations to come. A natural companion to quality is sustainability – ensuring that your modular school building is built with consideration for the world around it, with minimal impact on the environment. Finally, our commitment to energy efficiency ensures that your modular building will be economic to run – offering a comfortable environment all year round with lower heating costs.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about our eco classrooms and how our environmentally friendly schools are made, contact us to download a brochure or discuss your needs.