Extended roof to the front

The roof hangs over 6ft to avoid glare in the modular classroom.

Modular school outbuilding

With proven benefits to outdoor learning, our client was keen to have a learning space for their pupils

Little Wood Lodge

The mobile classroom has been named Little Wood Lodge by the school.

Cedar shingle roof

A bespoke design was created with our client choosing a cedar shingle roof to compliment the landscape.

Prep school PE kit cupboard

Perfect space to store the PE kit and use for lessons outside.

The official opening

The school were so pleased with their new space they officially opened the modular classroom building at their May Fair. A great day for the pupils and their families.

Enjoying their new space

"Today’s May Fair has had a real party atmosphere. We are so looking forward to this new Green Modular building enhancing the girls Outdoor Learning” Naomi Bartholomew, Headmistress of St Catherine’s Prep School

Pe Faculty Lodge – St Catherine's Prep School, Guildford


St Catherine’s Prep School, Guildford, Surrey


Little Wood Lodge (named by the school), was designed and built to provide a school outbuilding to serve as a teaching space for pupils, as well as space for the PE faculty. With extra space needed for the PE staff, we designed an office for 4 members of staff (right hand side), a group room in the centre (left of the office) which had a wall projector and sink facilities, two small store rooms to hold playtime equipment, and one large store room for the PE kit (to the left of the building).

The multi-functional modular school building was designed specifically for the school and therefore includes an extended roof. The roof overhangs by 6ft to the front and protects both the office and group room from glare. It is supported by powder coated steel posts (which match the windows and doors) and is finished with cedar roof shingles and larch cladding.

The Green Modular classroom was a huge success and the school recently ‘launched’ their new outdoor learning space at their May Fair annual event. Little Wood Lodge was officially opened by Mandy Shepherd, a local wildlife artist and Honorary Vice President of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Key features

  • Extended roof canopy, supported by powder coated steel posts, with Cedar shingle roof tiles
  • Thermally insulated and efficient structure with larch cladding
  • Water and waste services as well as integration of power, fibre-optics and alarm cabling
  • Large integral deck with bespoke stainless steel and glass balustrade

We’d be delighted in helping your school design a stunning modular school outbuilding for pupils and teachers. Talk to us now to see how we can help you.