World Book Day is perhaps the most important day in the school calendar for inspiring the next generation of readers. Try some of these fun and engaging activities to make the most of this special day.


It is important that children have a designated area to read, somewhere they can relax and enjoy the words of great authors, where they can expand their knowledge and stretch their imaginations. A designated reading space can be a reading room or library within the school, or a purpose built modular library providing a positive learning environment. Discuss with the class how they would like to decorate their reading space this World Book Day, perhaps with a theme of a book the class has recently read. By involving the class in making decorations related to the book or topic, the stories begin to come to life outwith the pages, creating a fun learning experience for all.


Make your students feel like they’ve just fallen down the rabbit hole by turning their classroom into a scene from a well-known book, for example, a Mad Hatters tea party, a Hogwarts style banquet or Willy Wonka’s factory. Set the scene with little details like setting up the classroom tables in the style of a banquet hall or with teacups and saucers, and of course, make sure you’re in costume. Invite parents and carers to join in and if possible arrange for some theme-appropriate snacks to make it a day to remember.


You don’t have to be a great artist to make a puppet, think old socks and stick-on eyes or lollipop sticks and string. World Book Day celebrates stories, and by having a puppet workshop, you create a platform to share these stories in a fun and creative way. Each student can choose to create a puppet character from the story they wish to tell, and then the class can showcase their interpretations through mini puppet shows. When the puppet shows are finished, the creations can be made into an artistic display of all the characters and stories explored on World Book Day.

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Why not create a treasure hunt, with clues relating to famous stories or characters from the books they can find in their reading area. Not only is this an enjoyable way to celebrate the day but it also is a way for the class to explore and get to know their reading room or library. Clues should be simple and relate to well-known characters or books, but through the process of trying to find the treasure, they may discover similar books they may like to read next or interesting facts about popular authors.


Write your own story on World Book Day! Select a random collection of objects, or even ask your students to bring in something from home or nature and mix them up in boxes. Split the class into small teams, each with a box of random items, and ask them to create an illustrated story inspired by what was in their box. The groups can present their stories on a storyboard, which can then be used to decorate your classroom or reading area afterwards.

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