What makes the ideal classroom environment?

Date: 06/07/2016     Category: School and Nursery Classrooms     Tags: Bespoke Design, Eco-Modular Building, Outdoor Classroom

The right classroom environment can have a hugely positive impact on a child’s learning.  Arguably as important as the quality of the teaching, a learning space that is clean, comfortable, functional and inspirational makes a real difference to children’s enthusiasm, concentration levels and ultimate attainment.

a unique classroom environment at St Margaret's Taunton

The ideal classroom environment would feature as many of the following as possible:

  • Plenty of natural light, with consideration to anti-glare, light-reducing and privacy solutions (tinted windows, blinds etc.).
  • Moderate to cool temperature that can be controlled.
  • Access to fresh air.
  • A mix of vibrant, stimulating colours and more soothing, softer tones.
  • A flexible working space that can be adapted to changing teaching requirements, i.e. facilitating independent and ‘quiet’ individual learning time, as well as group work and wider class discussion times.
  • A learning environment that is easy to navigate with plenty of space to access different areas safely.
  • Different learning areas – e.g. A quiet reading area, a technology area, arts and crafts area etc.

In a modern, technologically advanced and environmentally aware age, there are benefits to a classroom learning environment taking into consideration:

  • Sustainability – built and designed using sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials.
  • The importance of outdoor learning. The provision of a safe, educational outdoor learning space is now a key requirement of the National Curriculum, and easy access to this learning space would be integral to the perfect classroom environment.
  • Provision for modern technology and electrical equipment. With laptops, iPads and other gadgets now a fundamental part of our children’s education, older buildings with few electrical sockets and less adaptable/secure storage space often fail to meet the storage and running requirements of the multiple gadgets required for a whole class or year group at a time.

Modular classrooms provide a modern, sustainable, flexible and adaptable classroom environment that ticks all the boxes.  A far cry from the boxy, pre-fab classrooms of old, modern modular classrooms have come a long way and are instead attractive, well built and energy efficient – the perfect solution for schools looking to create inspirational learning spaces for their pupils.

Outdoor modular classrooms provide schools faced with the often impossible task of extending an older, existing building with a simpler, more flexible and affordable solution.  Custom-made and built using sustainable resources, modular classrooms can be designed to fit around an existing building or within a given space.

children playing in a fun and safe classroom environment

Individually designed in consultation with designers and surveyors, each modular classroom is unique and can be adapted to meet given requirements. So whether you’re looking for a classroom that is open plan, contains separate working areas, or can be adapted to achieve both, the design can work around teaching needs, rather than the other way around. With options for overhanging canopy roofs and folding and sliding doors, a modular classroom can easily provide functional access to an outdoor learning area.

In a rapidly advancing child-focused age, providing a classroom environment that enhances the learning experience is paramount, and with the development of affordable and adaptable modular classrooms this provision is more achievable than ever.

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