Modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular for educational, commercial and residential use because their construction has major advantages over traditional building methods. But What are the main benefits of building modular for schools, residential homes and companies?

Introducing modular buildings

They are produced with pre-fabricated components rather than the traditional bricks and mortar materials. Building modular, or “mobile”, means that the components are constructed off-site and will arrive at your location in flat-packed panels, ready to build. The design and build of the buildings are both durable and long-lasting and can be tailored to specific size and budget specifications. They are extremely flexible and can be used for any purpose and across any industry. They are particularly popular for use in educational and commercial environments

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Modular buildings are often made from Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) because of their many advantages:

  • Factory-based quality control – the quality of the materials used is usually superior that traditional construction methods
  • Thermal performance – Structural Insulated Panels are exceptionally air-tight composition means they provide excellent insulation, minimising energy needed to heat the room
  • Quick to build – they can be constructed indoors or offsite thanks to their lightweight nature; this efficiency is a major advantage for companies looking to get a quick return on their investment and ensures that they can keep their operations running smoothly and minimise disruption.
  • Environmentally friendly – the materials used are sustainable and eco-friendly, minimising the impact on our planet while creating an innovative and practical design.

Why are modular buildings so suitable for schools?

Many schools across the UK are under huge pressure to expand due to a rising number of students. Increasingly, schools need to look at creative and flexible ways to extend their buildings and adapt to the changing climate. Mobile classrooms are a perfect solution for schools. They can be designed and built to specific size requirements, so whether your school needs a new outdoor mobile classroom, modular nursery unit, music room, estate office or staff area, a modular school building can be tailored to your space and budget.

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They are particularly suitable for schools because they are so quick to build and will minimise on-site disruption. This means that schools can keep up with increased pressure on admissions, with assurance that construction will be delivered on time. This video from Craig Riley, Director at Green Modular explains what a modular building is along with the main benefits of a modular classroom.

A useful example of why modular buildings are so suitable for schools is Haimo Primary School in Greenwich, London; this school needed a quick and cost effective solution to overcrowding issues and opted for a modular outdoor classroom. Their finished product is a superb new space for nursery children as well as an office area for quiet study.

For most schools and commercial operations across the UK, time and budget is at a premium. Modular buildings provide a quick, sustainable and cost-effective way to meet business and operational needs while minimising disruption. It’s not surprising, therefore, that so many schools, companies and residential homes are opting to build mobile classrooms.

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