Bricks and mortar buildings leaves a nasty carbon footprint whereas Green Modular flat pack modular buildings are environmentally-friendly; it’s estimated that around 10% of UK emissions are linked to the production and transportation of UK construction materials.

Cement-mixing Lorries, brick wagons, heavy-duty machinery, you name it, they all play their part in polluting our atmosphere. Then there’s building waste; some 60 million tonnes of it, according to ‘Construction News’ magazine. All of it goes straight into the tip because it’s been mis-ordered, over-ordered or damaged due to incorrect storage. But it doesn’t have to be like that. A Green Modular outdoor building takes a flat pack approach. Our flat pack modular buildings for schools and modular office buildings fight pollution, whilst never compromising on quality.

At Green Modular, we transport prefabricated components to all our sites direct from our factory. With just one or two visits and a quick offload of our recycled modular flat packed panels, there is little or no effect on the environment. The surrounding areas are left intact and you’d hardly know we’re there ……..business goes on as usual. See the sustainable modular building materials we work with to create our eco-friendly school and commercial spaces.


  • No mess and minimum disruption

Delivery times are clean and quick; in fact we think “portable” so, if necessary we can, carry all our components through busy offices, factories, schools or shops with no mess and minimum disturbance. In fact, in difficult locations we can manufacture a whole building off site and install it exactly when you ‘the customer’ are ready, to avoid disruption and safety issues.

Unlike bricks and mortar buildings, our eco-sensitive constructions can also be dismantled and re-sited. The cladding can be removed and packed up – in some cases, we even build on a structural steel frame and lift the entire building for re-siting, particularly useful, say, for temporary offices at new housing developments or industrial parks. All this is done to make the modular building project process as convenient as possible whilst always providing the best quality materials and service.

A good example of how our flat pack modular buildings can be used is the Gatehouse at Alconbury Weald, a former RAF base. It’s on the site of one of the largest property developments in the UK and is caters for hundreds of businesses.

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  • Tough, portable, sustainable

We guarantee our flat pack modular buildings for 50 years; they are as permanent as any traditional design and build. Walls are made from a sustainable, much tougher alternative to plasterboard – take a hammer to it and you’ll make little impact. Hang anything up to 50 kg from a single screw, add as many shelves and wall-mounted cupboards as you wish, and enjoy the freedom of a solid, well-constructed, permanent modular building that can still move with you. All this is carried out keeping your brief in mind and our footprint as low as possible.

So if you want to hedge your bets and plan for the future, if you’re desperate to start up or expand, and you are not sure if your site suits, then these are reasons to consider a modular and portable option.

If you need a quality, durable solution to your extra space issues but are concerned about disruption to your business activities and/or the environment then contact us on 0800 334 5570 and speak to our design specialist today about flat pack modular buildings. Or, alternatively, take a look at our range of modular office buildings. We also manufacture flat pack garden rooms through our sister company Green Studios.