Overcrowding in schools is a major challenge for today’s educational establishments. With a booming school-aged population whose numbers are set to peak in the next decade, increased demand for places is leading to an overcrowding crisis requiring urgent action. To ease the pressure, oversubscribed schools in many areas of the country are expanding. Here at Green Modular, we provide high-quality modular classrooms to help meet the burgeoning demand for extra space.

Combat overcrowding with a modular school building

Modular school buildings made from sustainable materials offer a cost-effective and practical solution to overcrowding in schools. Why choose a modular building over a bricks-and-mortar extension? Here are some of the main advantages:

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  • Low cost. Modular school buildings cost at least half as much to build as a traditional bricks-and-mortar building. With prices starting at £33,000 for a small modular classroom, they are a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious schools.
  • Quick build. Modular classrooms typically take only three weeks to install as they are prefabricated off-site using a quick and efficient modular construction process.
  • Space saving. Modular buildings can be designed bespoke to fit within existing unused space in the school grounds.

Making the space work harder

The overcrowding crisis is forcing schools to reassess their use of space. The chances are most schools could make more efficient use of their available real estate, both inside and outside their existing school buildings. That’s something that modular classrooms can help to address:

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  • Free up space. Installing a modular classroom in the school grounds can help free up space within the main school building. For example, schools could move science lessons to a purpose-built modular science lab. The former labs within the old school building could then be rationalised and used as general classrooms or even a library – whatever makes most efficient use of space.
  • Use every square metre. Modular classrooms are designed bespoke for each unique school environment. This means that ‘difficult’ areas within the grounds can be utilised to their full potential, helping to tackle overcrowding through innovative design. (At this nursery, an area of dead space was transformed into a secret garden and safe play area).
  • Accessible classrooms. In an older school building, adapting the facilities to provide an accessible learning environment can be a challenge. With a new modular classroom however, accessibility is built in to the design. Whether you require step-free access to the playground, wider entrances or accessible toilets, a modular building can provide a solution to your accessibility issues.
  • Specialist facilities. If you require dedicated teaching spaces for specialist subjects like music and the performing arts, a modular classroom can fit the bill. This specialist learning environment is a purpose-built facility with extra sound insulation for music lessons.


Modular classrooms from Green Modular can help solve the issue of overcrowding in schools. If you’d like to find out more about how it could work for you, contact us today for a free consultation. You can also check out these real-life examples of modular buildings constructed by Green Modular and used by schools like yours.