Modular classrooms are an increasingly common phenomenon in schools up and down the country. What makes them such an asset? Discover why a modular classroom could be the perfect addition to your school.

Extra space for learning

Most schools are crying out for more space to accommodate an increasing school-age population. Modular classrooms can provide the answer:

Perrott Hill School music building
  • Outdoor buildings. Modular classrooms make great use of the space within the school grounds. That’s not to devalue the benefits that outdoor space brings: it’s a vital resource for exercise, learning and recreation. Cleverly however, modular classrooms with good outdoor access can actually increase the utility of the outdoor space rather than reducing the available play areas.
  • Using dead space. Designed by experienced engineers, modular classrooms can make a virtue of dead space between buildings or boundaries. They can even be built on slopes or in irregular shaped spaces.
  • Rationalise your layout. Modular school buildings can provide extra space for learning, or indeed, for other purposes such as staff areas or meeting rooms. If you move your staff room to a modular building, you then have more room to play with within the existing school building.


Pupils learn better in modern, student-centred environments that are designed to inspire. Modular classrooms are purpose built for learning and can help children to thrive.

  • Back to nature. Many modular classrooms are designed to offer easy outdoor learning opportunities. Light and airy environments with folding doors allowing classes to spill outside and take advantage of the outdoor environment – a stimulating and engaging way for children to learn.
  • Specialist equipment. Designing dedicated classrooms from scratch gives you the opportunity to include modern, specialist features. From science labs to music facilities, installing a modular classroom is the chance to create a state-of-the-art learning environment that pupils will love.
  • Climate control. Nobody performs at their best when they are uncomfortable. Modular buildings provide a supremely well-insulated interior, for a comfortable environment all year round.

A good long-term investment

While the installation of a modular building can be a super-speedy process (with building projects typically lasting six weeks or less), the investment in the school is one that will pay dividends for decades.

Worstead primary school 1
  • Sustainable, high quality materials. Modular classrooms are built from durable materials designed to last. A modular building installed tomorrow could be expected to still be in use five decades from now!
  • Cost-effective. Significantly cheaper than extending school buildings using bricks and mortar, modular classrooms are a cost-effective option for budget-minded institutions. With astute planning, they could even act as an income generator, hired out to community groups outside school hours.
  • Financial assistance. Because modular buildings are an eco-friendly option, government grants are often available to fund their construction. Schools can also sometimes benefit from assistance from other sources. And then of course there are finance plans that can make the construction of a modular classroom even more affordable for schools on a tight budget.

Find out more

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