Green Modular is known for its green credentials, using sustainable materials to construct eco-friendly school buildings, however recently we had the opportunity to recycle an entire building.

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Green Modular’s modular showroom in Harpenden was no longer needed in its current location as we moved to a new location in Barton. Rather than move the showroom to the new premises, we decided to donate it to a local school instead. All the school had to do was to cover the haulage costs and installation.

St Matthews School decided to take Green Modular’s offer up and pay the £1,000 to cover the delivery and installation – a particularly budget-friendly price for a new modular building that can last up to 50 years! The building now stands proudly at the front of the school and acts as a standalone office in which the school’s web site and school productions can be co-ordinated.

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“It’s a brilliant useable space and we are very fortunate to have been able to re-use this lovely building, which is one of the nicest eco-friendly school buildings I’ve seen. We’re delighted with it and look forward to being able to use it for many years to come.” Chris Evans, Premises Manager, St Matthews School.

For more information, read about the sustainable materials we use and how eco-friendly school buildings can save energy and thereby save your school money too.

We have also put together a number of videos which show how modular school buildings are constructed showing recent modular buildings for schools such as for Worstead Primary School in Norfolk. Visit our case study section for information about recent projects including a school activity room for Castledown Primary School in Kent, and an outdoor preschool classroom for Lyng Primary School in Norfolk.

For more information about our eco-friendly school buildings, get in touch on 01582 805710.