Fancy turning your school into a building site? No, we didn’t think so! That’s why prefab school buildings are such a great construction method for schools. Built off-site and installed on your premises in as little as 3 weeks from start to finish, you can get your project done and dusted during the holidays, with no disruption to the running of school. Want to know more? Read on to discover all the benefits of prefab school buildings.

Less hassle, fast lead time


It’s amazing what can come flat packed these days. Despite their size, prefabricated modular buildings are easy to transport, and are delivered to you ready-made, so that they can be put together on your site.

Because most of the work is already done by the time the prefabricated panels arrive, you won’t need to worry about weeks or months of disruption while the work is carried out on site. To avoid noise and health and safety issues, you can either plan your project so that the building is installed during the school holidays, or if that’s not convenient, section off part of your grounds to get the work completed quickly and unobtrusively during term time. Either way, you won’t have construction workers under your feet for very long!

How are prefab buildings made?

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After being designed to your specifications, prefab school buildings are put together in a factory using lightweight modular SIPs (structural insulated panels) that can be configured to your bespoke blueprint. These compact panels have excellent thermal performance, and their slim dimensions will maximise the indoor space available in your building.

While this construction work is taking place away from your site location, on-site builders can begin work preparing the site, digging foundations and putting in drainage systems ready for installation. Because these two aspects of the project can be completed simultaneously, it’s a very time-efficient process.

The modular panels are then transported to your site, delivered and installed. The installation stage is usually completed within a few days, so you won’t have weeks of disruption on the school premises.

What about the quality?

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As an alternative to bricks and mortar, prefab school buildings remain a durable and energy-efficient choice. The building materials used here at Green Modular make for exceptionally well-insulated school buildings that have a guaranteed lifetime of 50 years. Today’s prefabs are also designed to look good, fitting in aesthetically with the rest of the school premises. So your staff and pupils can enjoy warm, comfortable and attractive surroundings all year round, for generations to come.


You may not be thinking this far ahead, but one other, significant benefit of prefabricated school buildings is their enduring flexibility. Once in place, they don’t need to stay that way forever; they can be disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere, should the need arise. So, if you ever need to move things around in future, you’ll be able to!

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