In the budget-conscious world of education, every penny counts. At Green Modular, we’ll show you how portable classroom costs compare favourably to other types of school building construction both in the short term and over a period of years – and explain how you can get the best value for money on your project.


Making the budget stretch is a challenge for schools, so low initial construction costs are always a big advantage. Portable classroom costs definitely tick this box; there’s no doubt that a mobile classroom is cheaper to get up and running than a bricks and mortar building.

Financial considerations should also encompass the long-term costs and benefits, however, taking into account the impact your construction project will make on your finances in future years. How much will it cost to run and maintain?

Although requiring a low initial outlay, portable classroom costs can still add up if you choose a draughty mobile unit that is expensive to heat, or a poor quality portable classroom that needs replacing after a few short years. By choosing a durable and well-insulated modular classroom, however, schools can continue to save on costs during the lifetime of the building – which can be expected to last for over 50 years.

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When you invest in any sort of improvement or construction, you need to know it will be cost-effective and provide real returns on your outlay. So, what sort of ROI can a modular classroom offer? These are some of the benefits, both financial and academic, that you could gain:

  • Help ease overcrowding and increase capacity, so you can take on additional pupils
  • Make good use of irregularly shaped, ‘difficult’ or unused areas within the school grounds, using up every inch of available space
  • Hire out your space for events and evening classes
  • Improve student wellbeing and academic outcomes with pupil-centred learning environments


When considering your portable classroom costs, don’t forget to consider what assistance you might be eligible for. Funding for new school buildings can be obtained from a number of different sources, with grants for schools likely to be more forthcoming if you can show that your building project is an eco-friendly, sustainable undertaking. (Modular classrooms definitely fall into this category).

It can sometimes be difficult to find the capital to fund a new building project upfront. For this reason, some schools choose to hire a portable classroom rather than purchase it outright. This may not be the most cost-effective option in the long term, however. As an alternative to hiring, at Green Modular we offer competitive finance options to help schools spread the cost of building a modular classroom.

Adding it up

Whatever type of classroom you choose for your school, always make sure your project is fully costed before construction begins. At Green Modular, we are happy to outline our portable classroom costs in detail, so there are no surprises when it’s time to pay the bill.

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For more information about typical classroom costs, check out some examples of our modular school buildings. To arrange for a quote, contact us for a free consultation.