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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Classroom Ideas

Want to teach kids to be green? Use these eco-friendly classroom ideas to educate young people about sustainable living and build environmental awareness.

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Portable Classroom Costs

In the budget-conscious world of education, every penny counts. Find out how portable classroom costs compare favourably to other types of school building.

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Modern Classroom Design Ideas

Modern classroom design ideas are based on a positive approach to learning. Try introducing these classroom features to engage and inspire your students.

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Tackling Overcrowding In Schools

Overcrowding in schools is a major challenge. Find out how modular classrooms can help to ease the pressure and meet the increasing demand for extra space.

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Prefab School Buildings

Prefab school buildings are a fantastic construction method for schools wanting to erect new school buildings fast!


Eco School Buildings That Save Energy: Here's How

Energy efficient eco school buildings could help UK schools reduce their collective carbon footprint by a staggering 625,000 tonnes. Modular eco schoolbuildings are highly energy efficient and sustainable too.

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Modern Learning Environments For Teaching

Flexible, comfortable and hi-tech: today’s classrooms are shaping the way our children learn. So, what do 21st century teaching spaces look like, and how do they differ from classrooms of the past? We take a look at the design ideas behind modern learning environments.

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Tips For Inspirational Teaching

Inspirational teaching breeds inspired children. Ideas for activities and to make your classroom the inspiring backdrop to a memorable learning experience.

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