When caring for the terminally ill or supporting those left behind it’s important to consider the environment in which these activities take place and an outdoor therapy room might be an ideal solution.

Therapy or bereavement counselling rooms that are situated in a busy main building or home can increase the level of personal distress for visitors and patients. So whether you’re an organisation or individuals working within the care or health industry, providing a private and discreet treatment or consultation room could help to mitigate this stress. You can read here how our Somerset based clients had just this dilemma. The solution was an outdoor therapy room.

Green Modular commercial buildings are ideal for creating a separate and discreet room with its own entrance. Visitors and patients can avoid calling directly into the main building or your home, and instead access your service directly.

Hospice counselling room photo

Where you deliver bad news to a patient or relatives can seriously impact on how they’ll react or how it will be remembered. Giving it in a calm, secure and private environment will go a long way to minimising your client’s distress when absorbing information.

Yet deciding where to position your new outdoor therapy room can be tricky.

You can of course use a modular building for any kind of support based therapy, cognitive behavioural, psychotherapy, in fact any type of counselling, because they all have the same thing in common, a need for privacy.

Additionally, there are other many benefits to one our modular buildings such as our focus on sustainability e.g. the emphasis on thermal insulation performance in our building structures means we use an alternative to plasterboard, made from 100% recycled, eco-friendly materials.

Why is this important? It gives you improved sound insulation!

We are able to deliver this by ensuring our buildings are held up to the same stringent standard met out by the British Housing Regulations. In fact we often exceed the values given below.

  • ‘U’ values (W/m2K) – the lower the number, the better
  • 0.30W/m2K for walls
  • 0.25W/m2K for floors
  • 0.20W/m2K for roofs
  • What does this mean to you?

That your robust outdoor building will be secure, airtight, weatherproofed and if required completely sound proofed. Your consultations with your clients can then be carried out safely and securely helping to build a reputation for excellence in your field.

Are there any more benefits to having an outdoor therapy room?

Yes, there’s one or two extra benefits that should be mentioned. We spend all our time thinking of ways to improve the durability and performance of your outdoor building, but just as important to us is the ambience it creates when merged with its surroundings.

All our buildings are designed to enhance and blend in with whatever setting is required with the least amount of disruption.

Your outdoor modular building will be fabricated off site using a Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP) system which allows rapid on-site construction with no interference to the main building. Our designers will work with you to do just that and create a practical but stunning building.

But don’t take our word for it! If you haven’t already checked it, our Somerset based client said “it was everything they could have hoped for in a work space”, and you can read it here.

For more information or to chat to a design consultant contact us on 0800 334 5570 or take a look at our modular office buildings and see what we can do for you!