The Benefits of Modular Buildings as Extra Office Space

Date: 10/10/2018     Category: Commercial buildings, Office space     Tags: Bespoke Design, Cost Effective Building, Modular Buildings

Is a lack of space keeping your business from reaching its full potential? Or does the thought of finding larger premises fill you with dread? The cost, time and effort involved in acquiring extra office space can often be too great. A modular building is a cost-effective, fast and stress-free solution, providing a range of attractive and sustainable buildings that are designed and built bespoke for your business.

Bespoke contemporary design

Whether you need additional office space, extra meeting rooms or a healthcare therapy centre, our experienced team will guide you through the design process and create the perfect space that works for your business. Each project is unique therefore our designers will work hand-in-hand with you and your team to create a space that is efficient, sustainable and also looks great. Whether you need toilet facilities, kitchen, sound-proofing, or partition walls – the choice is yours.


Multipurpose space

A modular office can have many purposes! The flexible space can be used a range of things, including:

  • Commercial modular buildings- design businessMeeting room – if the main office is feeling a bit cramped you may not want to invite clients in to have a meeting around a small desk in the corner. A modular office is the perfect place for a meeting. It can also double up as a breakout room when not in use. Why not get a fold up table tennis topper to let off some steam, which can easily be folded away when the room is needed for meetings?
  • Waiting room – whether you have patients waiting to be seen for physiotherapy or clients waiting for a meeting, the extra space can provide an area to relax before their appointment
  • Breakout room – a space your staff can go to eat lunch away from their desk or play a couple of games to let off some steam. Combing a meeting room with a breakout area is a great use of space. Why not get a fold up table tennis topper, which can easily be folded away when the room is needed for meetings?
  • Therapy room – a bereavement or counselling room away from the main building can provide a safe a relaxing space for clients or staff.


Fast & hassle-free build 

Need extra space for your business

A modular building can be constructed as an extension to your existing premises or as a stand-alone structure. Once your design has been agreed, we are able to manufacture the building from our Hertfordshire factories and install it within weeks. We can also construct your extra office space off-site and simply crane it into location within a matter of days! You can continue business as usual, with minimum disruption, and start using the space straight away.

Our stylish Western Red Cedar cladding is maintenance-free and will continue to look amazing during its 50 year life-span. Also, our aluminium windows and doors are designed with strength and durability in mind.


We pride ourselves in being green to the core and use high quality sustainable modular building materials that minimise the impact on the environment. Our SIP panels maximise internal space and provide excellent insulation, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and your heating bills! Long gone are the days when outdoor buildings have to be cold – ours are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, perfect for year-round use.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can create the additional space you need, call us on 01923 205090 or take a look at our modular office buildings available.



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