Modern day sports education is more important than ever. With at least an hour of energetic physical activity recommended for children every day, schools need to cater for this by providing the right facilities. If you are reviewing the sports facilities in your school, find out how a modular sports building could meet your needs.

Positive associations

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With an obesity epidemic on the rise, promoting an active lifestyle at school helps to get kids moving from a young age – and if that’s not enough of a motivation, increased activity is linked to higher attainment in some school subjects.

But many adults look back at school PE lessons and blame them for a lifetime of exercise avoidance. Cold showers, draughty changing rooms and uninspiring activities can all take some of the blame.

Creating positive associations about exercise can be achieved through dedication and investment into the sports facilities offered, as well as the range of activities on offer. A modular sports building with modern, comfortable provisions can help children to feel excited about exercise. Equipped for multiple uses, it can also help schools to offer a wider variety of sporting options, from team games to gymnastics.


A modular sports building can be designed with bespoke features to suit your particular requirements. From the latest sports flooring and other technological advances to multiple changing rooms, it’s possible to build the sports facility that your school really needs:

  • Outdoor access. Getting out and exercising in the fresh air is important, but not always practical in poor weather. A modular sports building can be built with easy access to outdoor space. You could even build an extended roof to enable sheltered outdoor activities in wet or inclement weather.
  • Storage space. Your modular school sports building can also incorporate office and storage facilities, offering somewhere secure to store bulky equipment.
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And a modular sports facility can be quick to install, with typical modular buildings up and running after six weeks or less. It can also be designed to suit the aesthetics of the rest of the school, so it will be an attractive addition to the other buildings on the premises.

Read more about the benefits of modular construction for your school sports building.


For any school construction project, of course it’s vital to operate within a budget. That’s why at Green Modular we offer flexible finance options that allow schools to get projects underway and pay in affordable instalments over an agreed repayment period. Compared with the cost of renting a temporary classroom or paying to use external sporting facilities, a modular sports building can provide great value for money.

Once the new sports facility is in use, state-maintained primary schools may also be able to benefit from government funding. The school sports premium is a programme to help schools to provide more sporting activities for children.

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