Modular science labs: inspiring learning environments for STEM subjects

Date: 22/02/2017     Category: Schools     Tags: Modular Buildings

We’re experiencing a STEM crisis in the UK. With pupils increasingly shunning science, technology, engineering and maths in favour of other topics at A Level, a skills gap in these important subjects could slow economic growth and impede our progress in technological fields. But there is a solution to help reverse this trend! Well-equipped mobile science labs for schools can help to turn pupils on to STEM subjects and inspire them to commit to science and technology at A Level and beyond.

Bespoke mobile science labs for schools

mobile science lab for schoolsAttractive and well-appointed learning environments really can make all the difference to students, with mindfully designed modern spaces translating to a more enjoyable learning experience and better learning outcomes. Modular science labs equipped with everything required for a hands-on science education can help to make STEM subjects enjoyable for all.

mobile science lab for schools outside viewAt Green Modular we design inspiring mobile science labs for schools, purpose-built to create the very best science and technology learning environment for your students. Our modular education buildings are always built to your bespoke specifications, and engineered to suit your exact requirements. They can feature all the specialist equipment you need, including gas burners, sinks and lab tables for small group work. We can work with you to fill the space efficiently, making the best use of every last inch.

Advantages of modular labs over converted classrooms

If you are considering converting an existing room within your school into a science lab, you may be unconvinced of the benefits of mobile science labs for schools. But you may be surprised:

  • Save money. Installing a modular science lab on the school grounds will probably be much cheaper than trying to shoehorn a science lab into an outdated part of the school. Contact us for a quote to discuss your requirements and see how much you could save.
  • Latest technology. In a purpose-built modular lab, you will be equipped with the technology to enable all kinds of teaching media, helping to inspire your pupils and impart a love of science to the next generation.
  • Extra classroom. By appointing our architects to design a mobile science lab for your school, you could end up saving space. Most schools have areas of ‘dead space’ within the grounds that aren’t used. We can help you to identify such areas, position your new modular science lab in the most efficient location and free up that spare classroom to use for a different purpose.
  • Flexibility. Although your new science lab will feature all the equipment you need for cutting-edge STEM education, we can build a flexible space so that if needed, your modular classroom can accommodate other subjects or uses, too.
  • Learning environment. In addition to all the mod cons and hi-tech accessories you require, a purpose-built modular classroom is a pleasant and comfortable place to study, designed to be a positive learning environment that can be enjoyed by everyone. Alongside student-centred learning approaches like the flipped classroom technique, a well-designed modern learning space will help pupils feel valued and encourage a positive attitude to learning.

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At Green Modular, we specialise in modular classrooms for schools. Visit our Education page to find out more about the design and specifications that may suit you and check out our recent modular classroom case studies.

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