Modular Double Classrooms – The Saviour of the Modern Day Learning Environment

Date: 05/09/2016     Category: School and Nursery Classrooms     Tags: Bespoke Design, Cost Effective Building, Outdoor Classroom

a modular double classrooms at Worstead schoolThis autumn sees two in five council regions in England with a shortfall of primary school places for children and experts predict there will be a need for an extra 880,000 places over the next ten years. With this looming crisis, schools are inevitably going to have to come up with some creative strategies to comfortably accommodate extra pupils. That’s where modular double classrooms come into play!

It’s potentially a gloomy prospect, but help is at hand for schools in need of urgent new teaching space – or indeed those simply wanting to enhance their existing setting. Say goodbye to their 1970s, less-than-appealing distant cousins, and hello to a “mobile” classroom that offers an unparalleled learning environment.

What are modular double classrooms?

Imagine a structure that looks like a stylish alpine cabin from the outside and on the inside provides a sleek, light-filled, robust and, most importantly, practical setting for studying… then you’re half way there.

These classrooms deliver great space saving opportunities. Each unit houses two classrooms typically incorporating a central lobby with toilet facilities, cloakroom and entrance hall. They can also have the added benefit of a store room – a must for storing teaching resources. What you’re looking at is a clutter-free, aesthetically pleasing, serene space.

With the ability to be custom made to requirements, double classroom buildings are beautifully designed with a focus on plentiful natural light and great ventilation – pupils certainly won’t feel claustrophobic or cramped.

Designing your school space

Worsted school floorplan of modular double classrooms

Worsted School Modular Double Classroom Floorplan

Modular double classrooms are an exceptionally effective solution when looking to expand teaching facilities. They offer an excellent alternative to lengthy, messy school building extension projects. These pre-fabricated structures are created off-site, therefore limiting hazardous and disruptive ‘building sites’ on school premises – thus creating no danger for pupils during construction.

For schools who are working to tight and perhaps unexpected build deadlines, double classroom blocks are the perfect answer. Once transported to site, they can be constructed in as little as a week and be up and running, ready for class between two to six weeks – meaning a school could have a brand new, outstanding learning space constructed during the summer holiday. A school will also encounter much less red tape in the planning application process by opting for a modular classroom rather than a traditional build – which also favours those short on time.

These modular double classrooms also offer excellent future-proofing. A school may need to re-work its building footprint to accommodate more change in time. Not a problem – such constructions can be just as easily dismantled and re-erected on another site, whenever necessary. Not something that can be said for their bricks and mortar counterparts.

As the ‘pros’ list lengthens in favour, we can add ‘value for money’ and ‘quality’ to it as well – with time, cost of materials and labour plus superior components all equating to an auspicious outcome.

3D image of Worsted School modular double classrooms

3D Image of Worsted School Building

Green by name, green by nature

Modular classrooms don’t compromise on quality or awareness for the environment either – giving a double thumbs-up in the eco stakes. The timber used by Green Modular is obtained from sustainable sources, they are A-rated for energy efficiency and use the highest proportion of recycled materials in their construction.

Clearly, portable classrooms have come a long, long way since they were first seen in the 1940s. It’s fair to say that the not-so-humble modular double classrooms are not only a saving grace but actually a wonderful enhancement to the learning environment at this time of much-needed school space.

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