From school dance classes to practical science lessons, the academic subjects and extra-curricular activities offered in many schools are wide-ranging and varied. And modular classroom buildings make fantastic learning environments to accommodate these eclectic pursuits. Whether you require an art studio, mobile science lab, music room or even a purpose-built school dance studio, a modular classroom can be designed bespoke to provide all the specialist features you need.

Dance studio

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It may not be something you remember from your own school years, but dance was introduced to the UK National Curriculum back in 2014. Since then its popularity has soared. Classed as a PE option, this is a fantastic and fun way to get pupils active and enjoy physical education. What’s more, primary schools can obtain funding for this popular subject using the Government’s PE and sports premium.

The practicalities of introducing dance to your school’s curriculum can be surprisingly simple.

  • Can’t find the space? A modular building designed bespoke as a school dance studio could fit into existing unused space in your school grounds. (Our design team at Green Modular have the knack for utilising areas you wouldn’t have thought possible!)
  • Too little take-up to build a dedicated space? You could build a combined, multi-purpose music, drama and dance studio. Designed to suit your school, your studio could even have partitions to allow more than one class at a time.
  • Need extra room for performances? This music room built for Goat Lees primary school shows how schools can utilise an adjoining outdoor area to create a large performance space.


Bunsen burners, sinks, extra power outlets: a school science lab is possibly the most demanding design challenge facing your school. With all that specialist equipment plus the possibility of a lab technician’s room, an ordinary classroom just won’t cut it. Instead, a purpose-built modular classroom can provide the modern, bespoke facilities that your science lessons require. Many pupils are uninspired by science at school. A modern and exciting new science lab can help demonstrate how science and technology can be relevant and exciting to young minds.

Non-teaching space

Broomwood hall school

Classrooms aren’t the only school spaces that require thoughtful planning and specialist design. Aside from a school dance studio and a lab suite, your school is likely to require a school meeting room, PPA space, a dining area or changing rooms. A modular building could provide the perfect environment for any one of these essential school spaces, which are all too often an afterthought accommodated by the school hall or an empty classroom.

Build something special for your school

If you like the idea of a modern and well-equipped specialist learning environment, Green Modular can make it a reality. Whether you build a school dance studio, a modern laboratory, a state-of-the-art classroom or a much-needed staff area, we promise your new purpose-built modular space will make a real difference to your school. Contact us for a free consultation today, and see how a specialist modular school building could transform your school.

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