What’s on the timetable in your school today? If you haven’t yet caught on to the many benefits of yoga in schools, perhaps it’s time to carve out a slot for this calming and energising activity. Whether it’s offered as an extracurricular option or integrated into your PE curriculum, practising yoga can help pupils to hone their physical abilities, as well as improving concentration and focus.

Why yoga is beneficial for all ages and abilities

Yoga emphasises a holistic approach to the mind and the body. Suitable for everyone, whatever their age or physical ability, it enables students to develop good balance, body confidence and co-ordination, while also helping to improve posture and alignment. Children who practise yoga are more likely to sleep well, possess greater self-esteem, and have a better attention span in class.

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Yoga is a fantastic way for children and young people to relieve stress. Often linked with the buzzword of the moment – mindfulness – practising yoga helps individuals to clear their minds and focus on the here and now. With academic pressure affecting children from primary school upwards, yoga in schools can help young people to manage stress more effectively and relax more easily.

On the physical side, children taking part in yoga will be better equipped to participate in other sports and activities, having worked on their flexibility and core strength. Regular practice of yoga can also reduce the likelihood of sports injuries, through active and passive muscle stretches, as well as better body awareness.

Creating a self-contained school yoga studio

If you’re convinced of the benefits of yoga in schools, we can help you create separate, self-contained space where children can relax and focus. Modular school buildings have the benefit of being separate from the rest of the school, so the noise and bustle of everyday life can be forgotten, just for a little while. Modular classrooms are comfortable, light and airy spaces with climate control, so they’re never too hot or too cold.

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Here are some of the reasons why a school yoga studio could benefit your school:

  • Offering yoga in schools is worth the investment. You’ll see an improvement in children’s concentration and a reduction in stress, which will contribute to better results for your school – and make it a happier place to be.
  • Modular buildings are a cost-effective choice for schools. With costs starting at as little as £30k, they can be paid for on finance, and having an extra school building could even save money for your school.
  • You can double up your modular classroom and use it for other purposes when it’s not occupied by little yogis. You could create a wellbeing centre that doubles up as a sensory room and ELSA room in addition to a yoga studio. Or the classroom, with its ample floor space and equipment, could be used as a dance studio.


If you’re interested in creating a modular yoga studio in your school, contact Green Modular today for a free consultation.