Modular Buildings: A fast, flexible solution to the shortage of school places

Date: 09/02/2016     Category: School and Nursery Classrooms     Tags: Cost Effective Building, Outdoor Classroom

The school system in the UK is close to breaking point with a critical shortage of school places. In 2014, a phenomenal 77,000 children were unable to get a place at their preferred school and councils warn that by 2018, 60% of British primary schools will have a shortage of school places. This article looks at the very real issues behind overcrowded schools and asks what the best solutions are to ensure that high quality education for our children is maintained.

The challenges ahead for our youngest generations

The impact of the baby boom, increasing birth rate and immigration is contributing to an unprecedented level of demand for school places across the UK. This is particularly intense in London, the South East and the large cities of Manchester and Birmingham. The realities behind children not getting into their local or preferred school are extremely serious for both parents and for teachers. As the supply of school places simply cannot keep up with demand, parents are forced to commute long distances to take their children to school or have siblings at different schools, making daily life unmanageable. Teachers must deal with larger classes and children who are tired and frustrated by longer journeys and less time at home.

overcrowded school room


The realities of a severe shortage of school places and overcrowded classrooms and schools is already having a major impact on family life. It’s vital that schools are offered efficient and cost-effective solutions so that they can continue to provide the best possible education for children across the UK.


A fast, flexible and sustainable solution – school modular buildings

Schools and councils in Britain must look at innovative, practical and flexible ways to create more space for school places. School modular buildings are an increasingly popular solution to the education sector’s growing school place squeeze that we are facing across Britain. They are extremely cost-effective, quick to build and are custom made to suit the exact needs of each school.

Modular buildings represent the ultimate in overcrowded classroom solutions with eco-friendly, innovative design and flexible layout that is perfect for additional classroom, office, staff room or music room space. The eco-friendly design and materials will help children to understand the importance of protecting our environment and will create a welcoming, bright space for children to learn.

The speed of build for modular buildings means that schools are able to respond quickly to the changing demand for school places and can avoid lengthy disruption to daily school life. Some classrooms can be built in a matter of weeks, making the construction process far more manageable for everyone involved.

The need for more classrooms to meet school place demand in Britain is not going to go away. Modular buildings are a perfect fast, efficient and sustainable solution for the education sector. By using Modular Buildings, schools can enjoy attractive, eco-friendly classrooms that will meet demand and allow children to learn in a welcoming environment at their preferred school.

Worstead School solution to school space shortage


Take a look at Worstead School in Norfolk to see how the construction of a modular building for their reception class has transformed the lives of teachers and students.




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