How we’re keeping Covid safe on site - Green Modular

The coronavirus has brought specific challenges to every sector, including construction. Throughout the months of the crisis, the safety of our customers and our staff has been our highest priority, and we have developed new procedures to manage risk and keep delivering the buildings you need.

The first way to minimise risk is to try and stay out of your way as much as possible! That’s something our teams would be doing anyway as a courtesy, but we have formalised that into our way of working. Wherever possible, we use side entrances so that we don’t need to come through your building. This is particularly important in schools, where access to school grounds has to be carefully managed.

Sometimes passing through a home or a building is unavoidable, in which case our staff will be wearing masks and they know to avoid touching any surfaces. They will use cleaning spray and anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down anything they do need to touch, such as door handles.

Nobody will need to come in to use the toilet either, as our crews are using Portaloos on both our commercial and our domestic sites.

It’s strange to think that the acronym PPE was unknown to many of us a year ago. It’s certainly familiar now, and Personal Protective Equipment is another key aspect of running a safe site. Our crews wear masks and gloves, and maintain social distance.

Clients don’t need to talk to our crews face to face and can communicate by phone if they prefer. Usually, it is possible to talk at an appropriate distance, especially since we would generally be outside.

Building sites often have multiple contractors coming and going, which obviously presents a risk of spreading the virus. To minimise this risk, we ensure that there is only one contractor on site at a time so that work teams are kept separate. Sometimes having two teams on site at once is unavoidable, but we’ll only work that way if one contractor is working inside the building, and one on the outside.

Our modular buildings give us an advantage here. Your classroom or garden office will be built at our factory and then assembled at your location. That’s less time on site and fewer deliveries, which makes things much easier to manage.

There is much more clarity from the government now than there was in March, and we have adapted to ensure that our sites are following best practice and are Covid-safe. While there has been some disruption to materials supplies, our projects are not dramatically affected by the crisis and are moving ahead on schedule.

If you have any concerns about how our teams would work safely at your location, please do call the office on 01582 805710 and we can talk you through any questions you might have.