Green Modular is delighted to be supporting Home Leone, a charity with a mission of building 1,000 new homes in Freetown, Sierra Leone for hundreds of
thousands of people living in unimaginable squalor.


The charity owns 20 acres of land and is creating Destiny Village, which will have 344 low cost homes, along with schooling and health care, recreation facilities, businesses and training facilities.

So how is Green Modular involved?

Green Modular were part of a team involved in removing materials for re-use from a Home Leone school contact in Silsoe prior to Christmas. Having recently met with the Home Leone charity and their consultant architect, we began exploring ways in which they could develop their in-country pre-fabrication and then apply this knowledge locally in Sierra Leone. We have also offered our in-house design team to Home Leone, who will help them come up with pre-fabrication ideas they can replicate overseas, once suitable materials have been sourced.

We will shortly be taking delivery of a large 40 foot shipping container to be stored in our yard for temporary storage of beds and mattresses, before shipping these out to Sierra Leone. Our aim is to send out a yearly shipping container, filled with un-used materials and furniture such as windows, doors, sanitary ware and electrical fittings, out to Sierra Leone.

Green Modular’s Craig Riley commented “Having assisted with removing un-used building materials from the school in Silsoe before their new school building was erected, it was important to us that they were put to good use elsewhere. Sending these materials to the Home Leone project in Sierra Leone is a great use of these goods and we are committed to sending out an annual shipment for as long as they come in useful.”

How to get involved with Home Leone

If you would like to read more info about the charity’s work or even get involved read here

To donate to Home Leone