Green Modular buildings ‘green enough to envy’

Date: 17/03/2014     Category: Green Modular news, Sustainable design     Tags: Cost Effective Building, Eco-Modular Building

It’s an unavoidable truth that our planet’s resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. Sustain or lose them are the choices.

With such an need to act now, it’s not surprising that sustainability – defined as the quality of not harming the environment or depleting natural resources – is high on the agenda of politicians, teachers and manufacturers……and is a core part of how we design and construct all our buildings at Green Modular – whether they’re modular classrooms or portable office buildings – we pride ourselves on our eco-modular buildings!

Maybe that’s why Green Modular buildings are green enough to envy.

So whats so special about our Green Modular Buildings?

Well they’re green to the core!

So much so that schools choose modular classrooms as an effective learning environment, where they use our buildings’ environmental qualities as a way of introducing ecological topics to their students. We reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing most of our building materials from the UK, as local as possible to each site. And while we import most of our cladding material… Cedar wood, from well managed forests in Canada, we are the first UK company to offer British Cedar wood as a slightly cheaper alternative. Cedar is an amazingly tough material. Install it with good ventilation and the proper care and it will last 50 years with little or no treatment. See here for more on the sustainable modular building materials used to construct our eco-friendly school buildings and commercial properties.

What’s more, all our manufactured components are:

  • British-made……which means less transport costs and c02 emissions.
  • And our ‘swift plinth’ foundation system uses 95% less concrete than a traditional slab foundation

So they work with the eco-system in local areas!sedum roof on eco-modular buildings

Our eco-modular buildings fit in with the surroundings

Fitting in with surroundings is key to our eco-modular building designs, so living Sedum roofs made from small alpine plants sewn into netting from our supplier enviromat are a popular feature. They are low maintenance, look gorgeous – particularly if you view them from above in a lift or office – they make a talking point round the water cooler or coffee machine.

But that’s just half of it. We also want to provide as much natural light as possible. We recommend roof windows in our modular office rooms and school buildings wherever possible (they give out 40% more natural light than wall windows) and A-rated doors and windows to conserve energy. As for heating and ventilation, we adopt a fabric first approach.

That means all the solid wall panels we supply use materials that are air-tight – they allow less hot air to escape in cold periods or to enter in summer. So you’re kept cosy in winter and cool in summer, creating a more cost-effective building and saving you money all year round because of a 91% saving on normal electricity costs.

So go ahead – dissect one of our Green Modular buildings piece by piece and you’ll find enough eco-elements to blunt the criticism of the most die-hard green campaigners – and fill a full term of lesson plans.

Our message is simple: minimum impact and the highest quality materials make your modular buildings green enough to envy.

If you want to find out more about our ‘green values’ and our eco-modular buildings for schools and businesses, then contact us on 0800 334 5570 and talk to a design specialist today.

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