It’s true, as any neuroscientist will tell you, we make our minds up about things almost instantaneously, we can’t help it. We’d like to believe we’re in control of our “snap decisions” yet, whether we’re meeting a new acquaintance or approaching a new environment for the first time – first impressions do last. That’s why we want to help you create the right one by installing one of our modular office buildings.

Exercising some control over what your visitors and clients think and feel when they arrive at your office or building for the first time, can have a huge impact on the day to day running of your business.

Imagine you’ve got an important client or negotiation planned, you’ll want the first building they see to create an attractive first impression. This way when they approach and walk through the door you’ve already projected a confident, positive image. The buildings you operate from say a lot about your businesses, and it gets you off to the right start from day one.

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As industry experts in the modular building system, we are passionate about helping other businesses achieve their goals. From the smallest details to the overall impression you want to give, we listen and work with you to bring it about. Nothing is too much trouble. If you have an idea, we will try to make it happen, such as colour matching your modular building to the exact shade you provide, as exemplified here by one of our modular buildings for schools.

That’s why creating the right impression with one of our modular offices is so easy, as all the buildings are designed around your needs. If you want something aesthetically pleasing that will blend with its surroundings, our expert design team are there to help you realise that goal.

Yes, but my business is unique you say, perfect! We know how to help you incorporate your uniqueness.


  • Maybe you run a holistic practice or counselling rooms, so you’ll be looking to create a private, discreet and secluded space that instils trust.
  • If exclusivity is the way you want to go because you run a members club, you’ll need to enhance the features and style of the outdoor building to project confidence.
  • Or if you’re just after the “awesome” effect” and want to give your visitors or guest something to talk about as they walk up to the entrance.

The benefits to having a Green Modular building are endless – there’s the flexibility of design, the number of feature options, minimal disturbance to any main buildings during works and the speed it can be constructed on site. So whatever you’re trying to project and whoever you like to impress, we work with you to create a bespoke design and building that projects the image you want. There are a number of ways to do this. For example,

Your building comes with internal and external sustainable standard features, such as A Rated patio doors or our stunning Red Cedar cladding, But you can upgrade to change the buildings personality by choosing options such as a painted rendered finishes, powder coated aluminium cladding or even brick.

You also might want to consider how to create that “awesome look”. The walk up to your outdoor building is just as important as the building itself, so why not add to the usable space around it from the numerous decking options we also offer e.g. recycled hardwood composites that provide a non-slip, durable sustainable surface – This way you’re really rolling out the red carpet for your visitors – That’s got to impress!

Whatever reaction you want to achieve we can help make the right impact, so that you’ll be 100% confident the first impression you want to give will also be the last!

You can call us on 0800 334 550 if you have any question or would like some more information about our modular offices or take a look at our modular office buildings available.

Remember you don’t get a second chance at a first impression!