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Date: 20/11/2014     Category: Green Modular news, School and Nursery Classrooms     Tags: Cost Effective Building, Outdoor Classroom

When you want to extend your school – the thought of big budgets and red tape might spring to mind! There are a range of options of finance for schools. You’ll be pleased to know that Green Modular has teamed up with Portman Asset Finance to free up your budget and make investing in an outdoor classroom as easy as ABC!

Our new finance options package offer schools (and other commercial clients!) the ability to spread out payments, making the cost of a modular building less of a worry. Rather than seeing the investment as a one-off cost, payments are monthly and can be set for a specific duration. This also means you can avoid the unnecessary costs of traditional mobile classroom rental where it just feels like throwing money down the drain and not getting anything in the long-run!

Typical costs

Green Modular - Finance for schoolsIf we use a standard large classroom (for 30 students) as an example; the approximate cost for this would be £80,000. This one-off payment may be unimaginable for your budget, but if you spread the cost over a 3 year repayment plan, it’s a different situation. The monthly cost (over 3 years) would be £2524 (exc VAT) at an APR of 4.5%. Repay this over a longer 7 year period would nearly halve the monthly cost to £1277.60 at a slightly higher 4.8% APR.

When you see costs like this, doesn’t it make you want an extra classroom even more now? At Green Modular we will also work alongside you to advise on the right business case for your finance package so you ensure it’s a smooth process. Our team would be happy to talk through your finance for schools options and give you a FREE consultation. Why not contact us today?

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