Fast-track your outdoor classroom buildings in the summer hols

Date: 15/06/2016     Category: School and Nursery Classrooms     Tags: Cost Effective Building, Modular Buildings, Outdoor Classroom

There’s a desperate need for more school places and buildings as UK demographics point to a baby boom in the UK – England and Wales alone recorded a 22% increase between 2001-2010!

But think big and it can bring immediate problems. One of them is time. Find a site, get the locals on-side, seek planning permission … that’s just for starters and then there’s all the chaos of construction, timetables, and building during term-time. It can take years. Meanwhile, class sizes creep up, discipline can dip, and teachers yet again have to soak up the pressure.

Outdoor classroom buildings – an alternative for increasing the size of your school

There is a way round it, though – outdoor mobile classroom buildings! Instead of thinking big, think small but still beautiful with our range of modular school buildings. Extremely fast turnaround times – down to three weeks in some cases and rarely more than six. Most work completed in summer holidays and – when there’s spillover into term-time – minimal disruption to school life and clear safety precautions worked out well in advance with teachers.

That’s the service we offer at Green Modular, an outside eco-modular classroom provider.

Forward planning with a school can see our natural-looking, cedar-clad wooden buildings almost instantly ready for the next term’s pupils on any location within school grounds. Thanks to a flexible foundation system, no site fazes us, whether it is on the flat or slope (we’ve built on a 45-degree gradient!). Inclement weather, including the increasing storms affecting the UK, hold few worries for us – we can storm-proof our mobile classroom buildings to any specification, give a 50-year warranty on all materials and include a ten-year structural warranty with all buildings.

So you want an instant classroom…

As for tight building schedules, we’ll happily complete your outdoor classroom buildings within days if it’s needed urgently. We can even dig and lay the foundations and erect the basic building in one day, although we’ll need several more days to give it a full decorative finish and electricity.

We can also accommodate visiting groups of schoolchildren and explain the strongly environmental bias pervading all that we do. Pupils can be involved from the start, learning at first-hand just what goes into making an eco-building and how much care we take to source sustainable modular building materials.

Our fast service, flexibility and bespoke design approach removes the hassle of bricks and mortar extensions that will always take far more months, more mud and more money than many schools can or want to afford. And don’t forget – the tough, natural materials we use mean our buildings are here to stay. For more information about the modular school buildings available from Green Modular, contact us today.


Your New School Building Constructed Over Half Term

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