Four ways to Free up Extra Classroom Space with Modular School Buildings

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The impact of the baby boom, increasing birth rate and immigration is contributing to an unprecedented level of demand for school places across the UK. This is particularly intense in London, the South East and the large cities of Manchester and Birmingham. The realities behind children not getting into their local or preferred school are extremely serious for both parents and for teachers. As the supply of school places simply cannot keep up with demand, parents are forced to commute long distances to take their children to school or have siblings at different schools, making daily life unmanageable. Teachers must deal with larger classes and children who are tired and frustrated by longer journeys and less time at home.

The realities of a severe shortage of school places and overcrowded classrooms and schools is already having a major impact on family life. It’s vital that schools are offered efficient and cost-effective solutions so that they can continue to provide the best possible education for children across the UK.

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Classroom space is at a premium in schools – and despite growing school populations, there isn’t always much room to expand or extend. So flexibly designed multi-functional modular buildings are a great way for schools to make really efficient and effective use of the space they do have.  If you’re always looking for extra classroom space, read on to find out how modular school buildings can be built with versatility in mind, to have an array of practical, space-saving uses within your school.

Combine a meeting room with extra classroom space

Having a meeting room where you can talk in confidence with staff, parents, pupils or governors is important for the proper running of a school. However, most won’t be in use all the time – and many meetings take place out of school hours – so it makes sense to put that space to work when it’s otherwise unoccupied. A modular school meeting room is the perfect venue for meetings, situated away from the main school building and uninterrupted by the bustle and noise of the school day. And during the gaps on the timetable when it’s not being occupied for meetings, it can be utilised as extra classroom space, a drama studio or music rehearsal room.

Create an equipment storage area

extra classroom space: storage roomA versatile modular classroom can incorporate nifty storage solutions for bulky equipment – ideal for subjects like PE and music, which require a lot of kit. Dedicated store rooms within your modular classroom (or just outside it) can house specialist teaching apparatus, keeping it safe, secure and on hand for lessons. Meanwhile with the equipment stored elsewhere, the classroom itself will be blissfully clutter-free, staying versatile so you can teach any subject within its walls.

Provide a quiet study area in the library

Pupils under pressure need space to study quietly, but it’s not always easy to find. A comfortable, self-contained modular classroom could provide a dedicated revision or homework area. However, revision and homework don’t take up the whole school day, so you could consider combining your study area with library and ICT facilities under the same roof. Your extra classroom space would become a desirable destination for all forms of quiet, self-directed study.

Swap your staff room

Rationalise the space within your school by creating a modular staff room with office space. A separate building just for teachers and admin staff will be a haven for those who need peace and quiet to get on with their PPA time activities, and everyone will appreciate having a pupil-free zone to chill out in. You may find, too, that moving staff into a modular space frees up extra classroom space within the main school buildings.

extra classroom space: office spaceWhatever extra classroom space you require, a modular school building could provide the versatility you need for a truly efficient space. Find out more about our bespoke educational buildings or contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

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