A school extension isn’t the only way to create extra classroom space. If you are considering a school extension but worried it is too expensive, a modular school building could provide the answer.

Costs and paperwork

Adding an extension to any building can be costly, time consuming and bureaucratic. Planning permission, building regulations and other legal considerations must be explored, and if you have a listed school building there will be even more regulations to adhere to. The building work required for a school extension can be highly disruptive and take months to complete. And of course, the cost can add up.

All of these issues can be avoided by opting for a modular, bespoke school building instead of an extension, to add extra capacity to your school.

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Practical advantages of a modular building

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Modular school buildings are a practical and cost-effective way to provide the extra space you need, without resorting to an expensive school extension.

They offer a number of practical and material advantages:

  • Quick to build. Prefabricated off-site, modular buildings avoid the lengthy and inconvenient construction work that is likely to be required for a traditional school extension. Here at Green Modular we have completed projects in as little as 3 weeks from start to finish. So instead of enduring months of noisy and disruptive extension work, your new school space can be built and ready to use by the end of the school holidays.
  • Flexible design. You don’t need to stick to any sort of template for your new school space. Unlike an extension, you’re free to decide on dimensions, internal layout, building materials and more. Your bespoke building can be designed to cleverly incorporate multiple functions so that it can be used for more than one purpose.
  • Low cost. A modular school building is considerably cheaper than a school extension, with prices starting from as little as £33,000. We also offer flexible finance options, to bring down the initial outlay and help make your project viable.
  • Avoid planning permission. By opting to install a new modular building rather than extend an existing structure, you’re likely to have considerably less paperwork on your plate. With years of experience in modular building design, we know how to design your building to avoid the need for planning permission.

Complementary design

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If it’s important that your extra space echoes the design and architecture of your existing school building, you may feel a modular building cannot compete aesthetically with a school extension. In that case, our work at Goat Lees school may interest you. It’s a great example of how our bespoke school buildings can fit in with the design of your existing premises, complementing the main building without looking ugly or out of place.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about the advantages of our modular buildings over a school extension, take a look at our in depth whitepaper on Modular School Buildings or contact us for a free consultation or call us for a chat on 0800 334 5570.