Celebrating school food and modular classrooms!

Date: 17/10/2014     Category: School and Nursery Classrooms     Tags: Modular Buildings, Outdoor Classroom

School food on a plateFollowing some recent inquiries from schools and farms, we’ve found that our modular classrooms and school dining go hand in hand! That’s why we’ve decided to spend October focusing on school food!

Whilst the Farm to Fork initiative isn’t a new one, the governments Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) plan has added to the focus on food in schools. With the help of Jamie Oliver a few years ago (2005 in fact), school dinners are firmly on the map! We’re keen to see progress being made and are excited to talk to schools about new ideas for classrooms and how communities can work together to really help focus on healthy eating in education.

We’ve recently been talking to local farms that are working closely with schools – teaching the children where food comes from, how the farm works and really helping them grasp a positive attitude to what school food they eat. Whilst farms are creating outdoor modular teaching spaces where children can visit and learn, schools are constructing extra modular school buildings that will either act as a dining room, kitchen or learning space.

Here are links and resources that you might find useful for your school:

Farm to Fork

This website has been set up by the British Nutrition Foundation – it contains heaps of great materials and resources.

It’s free to register and there are many events, competitions, resources to help your school learn about farming and food.

Universal Infant Free School Meals

Both websites contain lots of resources regarding the UIFSM. The second link allows you to submit your own suggestions and experiences and learn from others.

Jamie started his school campaign back in 2005 – his websites still contain lots of new content and ideas. Register for the free Kitchen Garden pack.

Promoting healthy and sustainable school food including kitchen garden ideas.

Offering support for schools including a helpline.

An interesting read, The Guardian follows Redcliffe primary school in Bristol on their free school meals journey.

If you’re school is bursting at the seams and needs extra space – then talk to us today. We are also able to offer various finance options for modular buildings and mobile classrooms  – just have a look here and call us on 01923 205090 with any questions.

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