Beyond teaching: could a Modular Meeting Room meet your needs?

Date: 24/06/2016     Category: Office space, School and Nursery Classrooms     Tags: Cost Effective Building, Modular Buildings

Space in schools in is in high demand, so it’s not surprising that non-teaching facilities for staff are often treated as the poor relation, rarely prioritised over classrooms and other teaching-related necessities. With staff meetings, common rooms and areas for PPA time all under pressure in competition with classroom space, it can be difficult to ensure that you have adequate room dedicated to these vital non-teaching activities. But there may be a cheap and practical solution to the conundrum. Quick-to-build, cost-effective and versatile, a modular meeting room could be the ideal flexible space for your needs.

modular meeting room: broomwood hall school

Doubling up

A modular meeting room can be used for all sorts of important non-teaching functions: dedicated space for PPA time, a venue for staff meetings and meetings with governors, or as a common room space or teachers’ lounge. Because most schools are limited in both budget and space, it’s important for any extra space you do have to be flexible, and a modular meeting room, like all modular school buildings, is highly versatile. Planned and timetabled cleverly, it’s possible for a purpose-built modular meeting room to be multifunctional, acting as a shared space to be utilised for a variety of activities, and even doubling up as storage space for equipment or resources.

More space for PPA

If you’ve ever found yourself or your staff scouring the timetable for somewhere suitable to spend a few hours on your planning, preparation and assessment, you’ll understand all too well the need for more dedicated space for PPA time. A modular meeting room could meet this need, being used as a quiet and comfortable area for PPA time during school hours and perhaps hosting after-school clubs or community groups when the school day ends. Teachers will appreciate having a dedicated PPA space where they can plan and prep in peace.

Freeing up the school hall

Schools often turn to the assembly hall as a default location for meetings. But sometimes this simply isn’t convenient. School halls have their own demands, with many acting as canteens, sports halls and drama studios in addition to their daily use as an assembly venue. Interviews, meetings and other professional events could instead be held in a modular meeting room, a space created especially for this important need. Equipped with audio-visual equipment, comfortable seating and excellent insulation, a private, self-contained space could be a valuable addition to your school premises, perfect for confidential interviews and other important get-togethers.

modular meeting room at school

Extra revenue source

Cost-effective to build and cheap to run, a modular meeting room could even provide some extra revenue for your school. With local community groups and other organisations often looking for suitable meeting venues, you may be able to hire out your state-of-the-art space on a regular basis. If money is tight, it’s definitely worth considering this option as a possible way to get a return on investment in your new meeting space.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out how a modular meeting room could help your school, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Read more about modular school buildings on our Education product page, or call us for a chat on 01923 205090.


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