Can you believe it’s time to get organised for school already? There’s always so much for teachers to do at this time of year, so these classroom hacks will help make life just a little bit easier at the beginning of another new school year.

Tidy tips for an organised classroom

However neat your classroom looks at the start of term, an influx of students will soon cause chaos! Keep the mess to a minimum with these handy hacks.

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  • Does hand washing get messy in your class? Limit the amount of liquid hand soap that can be dispensed in one go by fixing a rubber band to the top of the dispenser, so that it can’t be pushed down all the way.
  • Store glitter in salt or pepper pots; they’re more manageable for small hands, and won’t make so much mess!
  • Magnets are your friend. Use magnetic surfaces to keep paperclips, staples and any other small metal items together.
  • Let pupils know what you expect at tidy-up time. Take a photo of your tidy classroom space, showing where things need to go. Then show it to your students so that they can see what’s needed when it’s time to clear up.


There just aren’t enough hours in the day, so it’s important to find workarounds and shortcuts where you can. Save precious time with these ideas:

  • Be prepared! Use storage devices such as a five-drawer unit to organise the week ahead, placing everything you’ll need for each day into the allotted place. That way you can just grab it and go.
  • Use technology designed for your needs. Apps like Google Classroom will help you to get organised, which will transform your teaching job and free up time for other tasks. Things change fast in the world of tech, so at the beginning of each school year it’s worth doing an online search or asking your colleagues about the latest useful apps and gadgets for teachers.
  • Organise your desk. Before term starts, set up a filing system so that you can instantly find a place for any stray piece of paper that lands on your desk. It’ll help you keep a clear head and feel better about the mounting tasks ahead of you.

Classroom management ideas

Keeping 30 pupils in hand isn’t easy! Keep things under control with these classroom control hacks for teachers.

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  • Too much noise? Use the Noisedown app to motivate students to keep the chatter within acceptable levels.
  • Transitions can be difficult. When moving from one task to another, help pupils to change gear by singing a song or playing a short game. Engaging activities like Simon Says are a great way to get their attention.
  • Use a giant egg timer or a digital timer to help pupils manage their time and understand what’s coming next.
  • When you want the class to form a circle or position themselves at a particular point in the room, use strips of Velcro as a place marker for each person.
  • Change the layout of the classroom to suit the activity. Flexible classrooms like the educational range from Green Modular are designed to be adaptable, and features like partitions and versatile furniture will help you to make the most of your space.