Need additional classroom space? Why a modular building fits the bill

Date: 21/06/2016     Category: School and Nursery Classrooms     Tags: Modular Buildings, Outdoor Classroom

Are you considering additional classroom space to help accommodate a record number of pupils in your school? With one in six schools now full or over capacity, you’re not alone. Many schools have successfully solved the problem and created additional space by building one or more modular school buildings on their premises. Here, we explain how and why a modular building can be an effective and sustainable space solution for your school.


High quality at the right price

If cost and other practical considerations are leading you to look for a mobile classroom, your choice isn’t limited to draughty outdoor rooms with poor insulation. Choosing a modular classroom over an old-style portable classroom will bring you the additional classroom space you require and the flexibility you may need, without compromising on quality.  It’s also a cost-effective option, as a modular building is low-maintenance and will last years longer than its counterparts. Take a look at our blog on choosing a mobile classroom to find out how modular classrooms are a revelation in terms of quality, sustainability and durability – whilst also being a completely mobile option that can be relocated as and when required.

Multiple functions under one roof

With overcrowding a real issue in schools, you’ll need your additional classroom space to work hard to earn its keep. Modular classrooms excel in this particular field; they can be built to your requirements and be designed to accommodate a range of different activities and functions under one roof. Incorporating clever storage solutions and space saving ideas, you’ll be able to build additional classroom space that are multi-room and can be used for many different purposes. Double classrooms, with a shared toilet in the middle and a classroom to each side, can be a practical way to maximise functionality in a limited space.

Quick and unobtrusive installation

With additional classroom space urgently needed, there isn’t time to hang about. You need an unobtrusive building project that causes minimal disruption to the rest of the school, and a classroom that can be up and running in time for the start of term. Modular school buildings are surprisingly swift to install; prefabricated offsite, they are delivered fully formed and can be ready to use in a matter of weeks. Read more about the fast turnaround that can be achieved with a modular school building project, and see how one Norfolk school achieved a new Reception classroom in just three weeks.

Portable classrooms at Roxton Lower School

Comfortable and good looking surroundings

While aesthetics may not be top of your list of specifications, a comfortable and positive learning environment should definitely be a consideration when choosing an additional classroom space. A room that pupils enjoy spending time in will pay dividends in terms of better concentration and application, as well as staff motivation and wellbeing. Well insulated and comfortable, modular buildings are also loved for their appearance, which fits in well with existing school buildings.

Take a look at some of the great looking modular classrooms we have installed for schools:

And read more about the features of our modular school buildings, including prices and specifications.



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