6 Ways to Celebrate the Football World Cup at School

Date: 05/07/2018     Category: School and Nursery Classrooms

Football fever is upon us now that the 2018 World Cup is well underway, and for many students, it’s all they can think about. If your pupils are finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than football, why not harness that enthusiasm in the classroom with these World Cup-related school activities?

1.    Nations and flags

There are 32 different countries taking part in this year’s Football World Cup. Ask each child in your class to pick a team and find out more about the language, culture and geography of that country. Pupils could get crafty by making flags, learn some key phrases in the language and share fun facts about their chosen nation.

2.    Football feastcelebrating football world cup

Every country has its own signature cuisine, so why not hold a lunch with an international theme? You could get pupils to learn about and concoct a national dish to share with their classmates, or simply serve a range of international fare in the school canteen.

3.    Statistics and probability

Mathematical concepts are always more accessible when applied to the real world, so teaching about the stats behind the World Cup at school makes a lot of sense. Ask the students in your class to research the latest data on each team or player and use it to make predictions about the outcome of a match. There are lesson plans and teaching resources online to help.

4.    Follow the story as it unfolds

There are lots of creative resources to help you celebrate the World Cup, and children’s author Tom Palmer has come up with one that’s perfect for the classroom. Every day of the tournament, he’s publishing a new chapter of his World Cup story, Defenders: Russia. Designed to be read aloud to school children, it’s the perfect way to keep kids’ attention as the adventure unfolds.

5.    World Cup Football School

Have a bit of fun as the end of the academic year draws near, and let pupils plan their own World Cup-related lesson with free teaching resources from Walker Books and the National Literacy Trust. The World Cup Football School freebies include everything you need to get them started, including lesson ideas, handouts, posters and bookmarks.

world cup at school

6.    The physics of football

What makes a football move when you kick it? Why does it bounce, and how do you ‘bend’ a ball so that it changes direction? The science behind the game is genuinely fascinating, and learning about it is a great hook to generate interest in STEM subjects. This lesson plan all about the physics of football is the perfect way to engage young minds.

7.    Recreate your own mini World Cup

Raise the excitement in your school to fever pitch by holding your own end-of-term football tournament. It’s a great way to get the whole school involved! Of course, you’ll need plenty of space for players to change, and to store their kit. For the future, you might want to consider a Green Modular PE office and storage facility, to support your sport-loving students. Browse our modular school buildings here.

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