10 ways to use modular buildings for schools

Date: 11/09/2014     Category: School and Nursery Classrooms     Tags: Bespoke Design, Flipped Classroom, Outdoor Office, Therapy Rooms

Our projects give us insight into the many ways schools and businesses use their modular building. As the new term has started, we want to share with you 10 ways you can use modular buildings for schools! You may find inspiration and a quick fix to your space shortage. Feel free to call one of the team today on 01923 205090 to find out more. Until then… Starting at number 1 is…

1. Extra classroom

children playing inside a modular classroomFirst and foremost, your school most likely needs extra classroom space for a growing intake of pupils. Gone are the days when you had to use traditional mobiles which were freezing in the winter and boiling hot in the summer. Our range of modular school building designs, otherwise known as mobile classrooms, create the perfect environment for children to learn. They are functional all-year-round and are designed custom-made for your space and location.

2. Dining room

The Government’s Free School Meals Programme may leave you wondering how you will deliver this in the space you have? Why not use a modular building as extra dining room space or storage space for tables and chairs whilst rooms are used for teaching. You could even use it as an extra kitchen/preparation room.

3. Extra office space

Even the smallest of outdoor buildings can help with the pressure of space in your school. Creating a bursars office, admin office or a room for PPA can free up valuable teaching space and give staff quiet zones when needed.

outside a classroom4. PE storage and classroom

With creative design, your mobile classroom can be a teaching area as well as storage for PE equipment. Teach biology for one class, and netball for another. Our design team help create a multifunctional room so your school maximises the space available.

5. Library

Reading is fundamental to children’s learning, yet if space is restricted an outdoor building could be the perfect solution. Designing a space where pupils feel inspired to read and explore literature is a great choice for your outdoor classroom.

6. Stakeholder meeting room

Whilst during the day you may use your mobile classroom for teaching, you can also use it for stake-holder and parent meetings. An outdoor classroom truly becomes the room everyone wants to use!

7. Music room

Outdoor classrooms are perfect for music rooms and extra-curricular activities. Not only are they inspiring places to be in, they can also be built with extra sound-proofing so other classes will not be disturbed when children are beginning to learn their first instruments!

8. Art room

When getting creative, children need space to feel inspired and imaginative. An outdoor classroom is perfect for this. Being able to open large bi-fold doors and have the feeling of painting outdoors whilst being kept warm inside can really help creativity.

9. SEN room

When supporting children with special educational needs, your mobile classroom can be created bespoke to them. A space to help enrich their learning and allow for dedicated teaching. Working with you on the design to ensure the children have a room that is both easily accessible to them and inspires them to learn.

outdoor classroom at ROWAN SCHOOL, ESHER10. Nature and food room

Why not use the outdoor classroom to teach children about nature? Create space for an allotment next to the room where the children can learn about planting and harvesting – the scope of learning is endless! They could even discover recipes for their own crops and experiment with food.


Did you know, we also offer finance options to schools. This means that you don’t have to take a lump sum of your capital and can instead pay monthly – a far better option than renting traditional mobiles. Contact us today to find out more!


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