What Is A Modular Building?

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What Is A Modular Building?

Modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular for educational, commercial and residential use. Modular building construction has major advantages over traditional building methods. But what is a modular building, and what are the main benefits of building modular for schools, residential homes and companies?


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Recycled modular building a hit with St Matthews Primary School

Recently Green Modular recycled one of their modular school buildings by donating it to St Mathews School.


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Four ways to Free up Extra Classroom Space with Modular School Buildings

If your school needs extra classroom space, multifunctional modular buildings are a great way for schools to make effective use of their existing space.


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What are Structural Insulated Panels?

Structural Insulated Panels are a highly durable compact panels with excellent thermal performance that are sandwiched together to create robust and air-tight modular buildings.


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10 ways to use modular buildings for schools

Here are 10 ways schools can use our modular buildings - get inspired and read on!


Bespoke Design,Modular Buildings,Outdoor Classroom,Outdoor Office

First impressions last! Make the right one with a Green Modular building

It’s true, as any neuroscientist will tell you, we make our minds up about things almost instantaneously, we can't help it.


Eco-Modular Building,Modular Buildings,Outdoor Classroom,Outdoor Office

Latest project – outdoor school classroom

Our latest school project has got the thumbs up from both teachers and pupils! Find out more about the outside classroom.


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