10 Benefits of Modular Construction

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10 Benefits of Modular Construction

Want to find out why modular buildings are revolutionising the way the world builds? Here are our top 10 benefits of modular construction.


Bespoke Design,Cost Effective Building,Modular Buildings

The Benefits of Modular Buildings as Extra Office Space

If you need extra space for your business, gone are the days when a cold cabin has to be the answer!


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How can Classroom Design Create an Effective Learning Environment?

Creating a positive and stimulating learning environment for children is a vital part of successful learning. This article looks at how to create an effective learning environment so that children of all ages can achieve their full potential.


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Modern learning environments for teaching

Flexible, comfortable and hi-tech: today’s classrooms are shaping the way our children learn. So, what do 21st century teaching spaces look like, and how do they differ from classrooms of the past? We take a look at the design ideas behind modern learning environments.


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Outdoor learning ideas to keep children active and engaged

Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of outdoor education, and offer up some ideas to help you provide an exciting outdoor learning environment for children.


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Modular Double Classrooms – The Saviour of the Modern Day Learning Environment

It’s fair to say that the not-so-humble modular double classrooms are not only a saving grace but actually a wonderful enhancement to the learning environment at this time of much-needed school space.


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10 ways to use modular buildings for schools

Here are 10 ways schools can use our modular buildings - get inspired and read on!


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First impressions last! Make the right one with a Green Modular building

It’s true, as any neuroscientist will tell you, we make our minds up about things almost instantaneously, we can't help it.


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Outdoor Therapy Room

When caring for the terminally ill or supporting those left behind it’s important to consider the environment in which these activities take place.


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